who is the new speedster in flash season 8

Who Is The New Speedster In Flash Season 8: Who Is Meena Dhawan? Explaining The Flash’s New Speedster


Meena Dhawan is a new fast person in the Arrowverse who was introduced in season 8 of The Flash. Barry Allen spent the whole episode trying to find the mysterious speedster in black. In the last scene, he finally met her. The character, played by Kausar Mohammed, was shown as a friend instead of an enemy.

“Keep It Dark,” the 17th episode of The Flash’s 8th season, seemed to add a new member to Team Flash in a strange way. Barry found Central City’s new speedster and found out right away that it was Fast Track Labs CEO Meena Dhawan.

She gave herself powers and now wants to use them for good. The short time she spent with Barry showed that she is nowhere near as strong as he is and doesn’t have the same understanding of what she can do. At the end of their meeting, Meena agreed to let Barry be her mentor. Because of this, Meena can now join Barry and Allegra on the field to fight metahumans.

Meena Dhawan’s comic book version shows what to expect from Barry Allen’s new protege. Meena is a superhero in DC Comics. Her code name is Fast Track. Meena, who was introduced in 2016, was a scientist and speedster who worked at S.T.A.R. Labs with Barry. She liked him.

After getting hit by lightning during a Speed Force storm, she learned how to be a speedster. She was a big part of Barry’s fight against the Black Hole organization after she joined his team. She also helped Wally West, a version of Wally West inspired by the Arrowverse’s version of the character.

The Flash’s Black Hole story was told in season 6, but it seems that Meena still has a place in the Arrowverse. As for what the show has in store for her, she could use her new speedster abilities to join Team Flash in the next battle.

The Flash
The Flash

That could involve Reverse-Flash, played by Matt Letscher, whose return was confirmed by a preview for the next episode. He seems to be the “associate” Meena talked about when she said she was trying to make an artificial source of speed.

Meena getting her powers from an artificial source of speed is different from what happens in the comics, but it fits with who she is. Barry has said that Mena Dhawan in the Arrowverse is a genius, just like she was in the comics. Meena could be a big help to Barry and Team Flash for the rest of this season and maybe even for season 9 of The Flash. She has a great mind and can move fast, so she could be a great asset to them.

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