kinnporsche Episode 10 Release Date

Kinnporsche Episode 10 Release Date, Where To Watch & Everything We Know So Far


The Thai BL show Kinnporsche is based on an online novel with the same name. Kinn, the second son of a mafia family, is the main character in this story. As he tries to get away, he runs into Porsche. He barely makes it through a bad business deal.

Porsche is in college, and he works part-time as a bartender. He is an orphan who takes care of his brother Chay by himself. He is also known as The Phoenix, an underground boxer.

Kinn hires him as his personal bodyguard because his resume looks good, but there’s a lot to learn in this field. As Porsche’s problems get worse, Kinn and Porsche’s relationship becomes more romantic.

If you’ve been watching this one, you might be wondering when the next episode will come out. Well, wonder no more!

Here is all the information you need about Kinnporsche episode 10, including when it will come out, what time it will air, and where you can watch it.

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kinnporsche Episode 10 Release Date

Episode 9 of Kinnporsche ended on a huge cliffhanger that made us all eagerly wait for the next episode, so everyone wants to know when episode 10 will come out. The next episode of kinnporsche should come out on June 11, 2022.

Kinnporsche show about

Many boys who love Manhwa are now being made into TV shows, and viewers are responding well to them. These Thailand boys’ love shows are also popular all over the world.

And here’s another Manhwa KinnPorsche Story: DAEMI is getting a TV show, and all of the chapters of the Manhwa have been followed exactly. So, people who liked reading Manhwa will definitely like this Thailand series called “Kinnporsche,” which has both romance and action.

Where Can I Watch Kinnporsche?

Kinnporsche can be watched online on iQiyi. The episodes are set up as whole episodes, so you don’t have to mess around with different parts as you do on YouTube. But keep in mind that you’ll need an iQiyi VIP account to get to this one. People in Thailand can watch this right now on GMM One at 5 pm (GMT)/12 am (ICT).

Now, it’s important to remember that the live version on TV will be shorter than the version on iQiyi, which will be longer.

How many episodes will there be in Kinnporsche?

Kinnporsche is a Thai drama with 14 episodes, so there are 4 more to go after this one.

You can expect the story to keep changing Porsche and Kinn, as the romance and drama continue to grow!

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