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Joshua Kushner Net Worth: The Billionaire Behind Thrive Capital

The newly engaged computer entrepreneur and investor Joshua Kushner may be wealthier than his famous brother Jared, even though he is less well-known.

After finishing undergraduate and graduate school at Harvard, the 33-year-old created a name for himself by investing in successful tech startups like Instacart, Slack, and Instagram through his venture capital firm Thrive Capital.

Joshua Kushner Net Worth

With a fortune of $3.6 billion, American Joshua Kushner is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and businessman. The venture capital firm Thrive Capital, which Joshua Kurshner co-founded, is the primary source of his wealth.

In addition, he helped establish Oscar Insurance. His real estate family is among the wealthiest in the country, and that fact should not be overlooked. They are technically related because Ivanka Trump is married to Joshua’s brother Jared Kushner.

The family owns a $7 billion real estate portfolio, with each sibling owning $800 million of it, according to Jared’s 2018 wealth disclosure report. Josh tied the knot with Karlie Kloss, a Victoria’s Secret model, in 2018. Since 2012, they have been romantically involved.

How Thrive Capital Became a Venture Capital Powerhouse?

How Thrive Capital Became a Venture Capital Powerhouse

Although Kushner began his career with Goldman Sachs, he established Thrive Capital, a venture capital business, just one year after graduating from Harvard University.

With investments in two rounds, Thrive was Instagram’s second-largest investor. The second Instagram investment by Thrive was valued at $500 million in private transactions. In April 2012, the deal was finalized. Facebook paid $1 billion to acquire Instagram a few days after the deal concluded.

Oscar Health Inc. is a medical technology company that Thrive invested in early on and eventually owned 20% of. Oscar went public in March of 2021, but since then, the stock price has dropped by more than 90%.

Billionaires such as Mukesh Ambani, Jorge Paulo Lemann, and Henry Kravis spearheaded a $175 million funding round for Thrive Capital in January 2023. At the end of the investment round, Thrive was worth $5.3 billion.

Approximately half of Thrive’s equity was held by Josh at that time. That brought Josh’s total wealth up to $3.5 billion when added to his family’s fortune. Curiously, that resulted in Josh becoming $1.5 billion wealthier than Donald Trump, who is the brother-in-law of this individual.

Who is Joshua Kushner Wife?

There are two new Kushner babies: Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner!

Kloss had earlier announced her pregnancy at the Met Gala; in July 2023, she and the tech investor had their second child together.

They started dating in 2012 and tried to stay out of the limelight as much as possible, only making occasional appearances on red carpets and posting infrequently on social media.

Their engagement was kept under wraps until July of 2018 when they tied the knot in a small ceremony. Levi Joseph, their first child, was born to them in 2021. Elijah Jude was Kloss’s second son, born two years later.

Kushner is Jared Kushner’s younger brother and a digital investor and entrepreneur. When Jared’s father-in-law Donald Trump became president in 2016, he became a White House advisor. Jared and Ivanka Trump were married in 2009.

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