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Is Dennis Rodman Gay: What We Know About Dennis’s Se*uality?

Since his latter years with the Detroit Pistons, Dennis Rodman has lived a life of extreme excess. In his prime, “The Worm” was a weekly headline-grabber due to his unconventional lifestyle, which included tattoos, piercings, and an unhealthy obsession with alcohol and partying.

One of the most interesting things in Rodman’s life was the fluctuation of his romantic relationships. Madonna and Carmen Electra were among his exes; he was married to Carmen for only a year.

On the other hand, Rodman claimed to have kissed a couple of men and that he had no problem being personal with them. Given Dennis’s extensive life experiences, it’s reasonable to assume that many started to question his sexual orientation.

Given Dennis’s dating history, it’s easy to guess his preferences, even though he has never said so directly.

Is Dennis Rodman Gay?

I think it’s safe to say that Dennis Rodman is among the most fascinating humans alive today. His peculiar behavior is characterized by an involuntary arch of the eyebrow every time he speaks.

In an interview with DJ Vlad that came out not long ago, Rodman discussed his childhood and how he was taken aback that he didn’t come out as gay after his sisters pretended to be girls.

“Oh man that was so gay,” Rodman said. “Every time I see them I say, ‘Oh lord’ it brings me back. There’s no male figure so they just dressed me as a girl and stuff like that. So I really didn’t fall into that mold, because I could have went in that direction but for some reason, I didn’t do that. I guess something changed in me when I started playing basketball.”

Rodman was raised by his mother and two sisters after his father abandoned the family when he was a little boy. He admitted that he lacked a father figure and that, if it weren’t for basketball, he might have taken a different path in life.

He continued till later in life when he thought he was sexually exploiting so many women that it felt like a career.

Dennis Rodman Ended Up ‘Marrying Himself’

Dennis Rodman Ended Up ‘Marrying Himself’

In 1996, the Bulls icon revealed he was going to marry himself while signing copies of his book “Bad As I Wanna Be.” He was wearing a bridal dress.

Even as a young man, Rodman confessed that he would have dabbled with cross-dressing. The practice has long fascinated him. Because he spent so much time with his sisters when he was younger, it is no surprise that they caused him to question his sexuality.

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