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Who Is Pepper On ‘Claim To Fame’ Season 1?Here Is All You Need To Know

Claim to Fame is now on ABC, and fans are already speculating about which famous people the contestants are related to.

Kevin Jonas and his younger brother Frankie (yes, the so-called “Bonus Jonas”) host the new show, which is already a big hit with viewers. Frankie, who is now 21, was young when Kevin, Joe, and Nick started the Jonas Brothers band, but with his hosting gig, it looks like he’s ready to join his brothers in the spotlight.

Claim to Fame is a show where contestants and viewers have to use their brains to figure out how famous people are related. Has Pepper’s famous relative been found yet? Newsweek has all the information you need about the show Claim to Fame and who people think Pepper is related to.

How Does The Claim To Fame System Work?

Claim to Fame pits 12 celebrity relatives against each other to discover their fellow contestants’ celebrity connections. At the same time, they must keep their famous relative hidden.

Each week, one player is designated as “the guesser,” and he or she must correctly identify another contestant’s star connection or be eliminated. The final contestant standing will receive a $100,000 cash prize.

Pepper’s Pocket Square: Uncovering the Secret of a Rat Pack Singer’s Grandchild

Does the name Pepper ring a bell? For fans of the Rat Pack, it certainly should! The mysterious Pepper has been spotted wearing a red pocket square, and the celebrity connection has been revealed – Pepper is the grandchild of a beloved Rat Pack singer.

Although Pepper has been trying to keep her famous grandparent a secret, the red pocket square has been a dead giveaway. Not only is the pocket square a signature of the Rat Pack, but many of their signature songs featured references to oranges and lemons.

For those who have followed the Rat Pack closely, the connection between the pocket square and the orange in ale is too apparent to ignore. Pepper is the grandchild of a Rat Pack singer, and the red pocket square and the orange in ale are the clues that reveal the identity of the famous grandparent.

So who is Pepper’s famous grandparent? It’s still a mystery, but this secret celebrity connection will not remain a secret for long. If you want to know the answer, keep your eyes peeled for Pepper’s pocket square – it might just be the key to unlocking the mystery!

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Who Is The Relation Of Pepper From Claim To Fame?

During the premiere of Claim to Fame, fans took to Twitter to compare Pepper to actresses Anne Hathaway, Maya Rudolph, Drew Barrymore, and Bebe Neuwirth.

Other fans believe Pepper is related to The Shining actress Shelley Duvall, and we must admit, we see a resemblance!

However, the most compelling theory so far is that Pepper is the granddaughter of legendary entertainer Dean Martin. Social media sleuths have clicked on an article on Pepper’s Instagram profile, and there is text on the page implying she is related to the Rat Pack member.

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What Happened To Pepper In The First Episode Of Claim To Fame?

On the first episode of Claim to Fame, things got off to an inspiring start when a contestant has kicked off the show.

Pepper, who was the “guesser” for this episode, was about to try to figure out who her co-star Maxwell was when the producers stopped the show.

When things got back to normal, Kevin and Frankie said that Maxwell was out because he broke the “no electronic devices” rule by using a cell phone he had hidden in his luggage.

Maxwell was kicked out, and it turned out that he was the grandson of Chuck Norris. This meant that Pepper could stay without having to guess.

Pepper was even happier to hear this because she said she would guess wrongly that Maxwell was Steven Spielberg, which would have gotten her sent home.

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Who Are The Other Contestants Of Claim To Fame Related To?

On social media, there are a lot of theories about who the other cast members might be related to.

People think that LC is related to Keke Palmer or Lawrence Fishburne, that X is Laverne Cox’s brother, and that Dominique looks like Lonni Love. Fans seem to think that Logan is related to country music star Jason Aldean, even though many viewers have pointed out that Logan looks a lot like Spider-Man actor Tom Holland.

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Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter Amarah is already known to the public.

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