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“Are ‘That ’70s Show’ Character Reuniting in ‘That ’90s Show?”A Blast to the Past

Do you miss the days of “That 70s Show”? If so, you’re lucky because some of your favorite characters will make their way to the new show “That 90s Show.” Many beloved characters from “That 70s Show” are set to appear in the spinoff series that follows a group of friends living in Los Angeles during the 1990s.

Every ‘That ’70s Show’ Character Who Will Appear on ‘That ’90s Show

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The famous American sitcom, ‘That 70’s Show’, is making a huge return – this time with an exciting twist. We will see characters from the original show appearing in the upcoming ’90s version. Fans of the classic show have eagerly awaited news about what characters will appear in the That 90s Show. Excitingly, we now have some answers!

  • Kurtwood Smith Is Back As Red

Kurtwood Smith

That ’70s Show’s primary characters, Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp are one of the best married couples on television. In this spinoff, they are spending the summer with their granddaughter in the ancient family house. This is the same home where Eric and his friends spent numerous hours in the basement engaging in mischief.

Red is, as predicted, still his regular irritable and grumpy self. He like discussing putting his foot up bothersome children’s posteriors and calling everyone “dumbasses.” He tells Kitty not to “feed them” when she discusses purchasing food for the children. “That’s how it began the first time!” he says.

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  • Debra Jo Rupp Will Delight Again As Kitty

Kitty, played by Debra Jo Rupp, will be a recurring character on That ’90s Show, coping with the same issues she faced with her kid at home. In a new decade in which the times have changed, it will be intriguing to observe if Kitty has evolved or maintained her conventional principles.

While most parents may be grateful that they no longer have to cope with a large group of teens entering and exiting their homes at all hours, Kitty is delighted to see a new generation of children spending time in her basement. After That ’70s Show, she was saddened by the absence of her children and even considered relocating to Florida.

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  • Topher Grace’s Eric Is Now A Dad

Eric, played by Topher Grace and the protagonist of That ’70s Show, is now married to his longtime girlfriend and best friend, Donna. The couple is the father of a daughter named Leia. However, Topher’s relationship with the adolescent girl is strained.

Grace’s decision to return as a guest star is unsurprising, given that he currently stars in another successful sitcom, Home Economics. This will also afford That ’90s Show the opportunity to focus on its new roster of characters.

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  • Laura Prepon Is Still The Feminist Donna

Donna, played by Laura Prepon, will return to That ’90s Show as a mother with her longtime love. In one scene, she and Eric are seated atop his father’s car in the driveway, conversing as they had often done as adolescents.

Donna and Randy, one of the overrated TV characters whom fans were supposed to admire, split up in the series finale. She reconciled with Eric after he returned from Africa and apologized. Fans will be glad to learn that Donna and Eric not only remained a pair but also got married, had a child, and are still in love.

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  • Ashton Kutcher Will Make An Appearance As Michael Kelso

Michael Ashton Kutcher will portray Kelso Kelso on That ’90s Show. He is married to his high school sweetheart Jackie, and they have a son named Jay. Leia becomes friends with Kelso’s son when she arrives at her grandparents’ home in search of excitement.

In an exciting turn of events, Jay becomes Leia’s lover. On That ’90s Show, the children of the erstwhile best friends will be romantically involved. Fans are curious about the fate of the child Kelso allegedly created with Brooke in the restroom of a musical venue. After That ’70s Show, he moved to Chicago to be closer to them and was last seen working as a bouncer at a Playboy Club.

  • Wilmer Valderrama Will Be Putting On The Fez Accent Again

Wilmer Valderamma, known as “Fez” by his friends, which stands for “foreign exchange student,” will reprise this role as a special guest star, similar to the other performers. He now runs a network of successful hair salons.

Even though the 1990s are in full swing, Fez runs a series of racy commercials to promote the salon in town, tells silly jokes to customers, and sports an ’80s-style hairstyle. Red and Kitty maintained in touch with Fez over the years, given that his salon was still a staple in the same city. In the teaser for That ’90s Show, he may be seen giving Kitty a haircut.

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  • Mila Kunis’ Jackie Burkhart Is Still Spoiled

Jackie and Kelso are successful and are the parents of a teenage son, but little more is known about their lives. Kunis and Kutcher are now married and have children, which is interesting.

The fact that Jackie is married to Kelso is confusing because, according to the conclusion of That ’70s Show, she should have been with Fez. Kelso had moved to Chicago to be closer to his daughter and her mother, Brooke, with whom he may have restarted a romantic involvement. Nevertheless, the spinoff will likely explain how this sequence of events transpired.

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  • Tommy Chong’s Leo Will Bring The Laughs

Tommy Chong is confirmed to reprise his role as the marijuana-using older man who befriended the children. However, information on the character’s backstory has yet to be disclosed. Like Chong will have a guest-starring role, he may appear in a single episode or in multiple episodes periodically, as he did in the original series.

Tommy Chong, who is best known as one half of Cheech & Chong, was introduced to a whole new audience with his appearance on That ’70s Show. He recently featured as the Pineapple in the first season of the reality competition series The Masked Singer.

  • Don Stark As Bob Pinciotti Is Still In Town

The last time fans heard from Bob, the father of Donna, he had started a bait shop five miles from any decent neighborhood. Red and Kitty, one of the best sitcom mothers, debated if they should go to Florida with him while he and Red argued over the shop’s name.

Bob was supposed to move to Florida, but based on the confirmation of his presence on That ’90s Show, he may be either visiting the city or still resides near Red and Kitty. Undoubtedly, he will be as crazy and silly as ever.

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