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Who is Niecy Nash? Who is Niecy Nash Married to? Find More Details!

Niecy Nash, an actress and TV host, and her singer wife, Jessica Betts, were the first same-sex couple to be on the cover of Essence magazine this week. The article will let you know more about the couple and their relationship.

Who is Niecy Nash?

Carol Denise Betts (née Ensley; born February 23, 1970) is an American actress, comedian, and TV host who goes by the stage name Niecy Nash-Betts. She is best known for her work on TV. From 2003 to 2010, Nash was the host of the Style Network shows Clean House. In 2010, she won a Daytime Emmy Award for this work. In the comedy show Reno 911!, she played the role of Deputy Raineesha Williams. Nash has also been in a number of movies and made a lot of guest appearances on TV shows.

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Who is Niecy Nash Married to?

Nash and Betts got married in August 2020, almost a year after the actress ended her marriage to Jay Tucker. Fans were surprised to hear about their wedding because the couple kept their relationship and engagement a secret. Since then, they have been open about their relationship and have been seen together on several red carpets.

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Who is Niecy Nash’s Wife, Jessica Betts?

Jessica Betts is a talented singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Betts grew up in Chicago. She started singing when she was young and signed with a record label when she was 16. She eventually moved to New York City to try to make it as a musician, which is where she met Nash. Betts sings both her own songs and songs by other artists. Her style is a mix of gospel, reggae, rock, pop, and R&B. She taught herself how to play the guitar. She was on a TV show about real life. Betts’s first single, “Get Up,” came out in 2000. In 2005, she competed with Missy Elliott on the reality show The Road to Stardom. In 2018, Betts got a small part on Nash’s TNT comedy Claws, where she worked with her future wife.

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How did the couple meet?

When they first met on social media in 2015, they talked about music. At some point, they became friends. Nash told PEOPLE in 2020, “I never thought of her as someone I would date. But we started to look at each other in a way we had never done before.” The change from being friends to dating wasn’t easy, though. Nash talked about how she didn’t want to date at first when she was on Red Table Talk.

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She said, “I was afraid that our friendship might not last.” “I never want [Jessica] to leave my life, so I don’t know what the rules are.” Nash finally decided that she didn’t want to be without Betts, adding, “I just know that this is the most beautiful soul I’ve ever met, and you’re mine.” Nash and Betts got married in the backyard of their California home on August 29, 2020 in the presence of their friends and family.

Has Niecy Nash had any previous relationships?

Niecy was already married to Don Nash when she made her first appearance in Hollywood. They got married in 1994, which was a year before her first role, in Boys on the Side. In the 13 years they were together, they had three kids. Niecy and Don have three children together: Dominic, their oldest son, and Donielle and Dia, their younger daughters. The two broke up in 2007, but Niecy didn’t talk about her first marriage publicly until she gave a speech at the Essence, Black Women in Hollywood Awards Luncheon in 2020.

“My first marriage was to a pastor, and when we broke up, I lost my husband, my pastor, and my church all at once,” the actress said about her split from Don. Vernon Davis, a tight end for the San Francisco 49ers, was Niecy’s boyfriend in 2009. Niecy then met Jay Tucker, who became her second husband. They got engaged in 2010 and got married in 2011.

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