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Who Is Mimi Ivey? What does the Girlfriend Of Rapper Coolio Has to Say About Him?

The rapper, Coolio‘s long-term boyfriend, claimed he was “seeing other women” before his death, but that they had an “understanding.” Just as he was, so it was with him.

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Mimi Ivey stated, “If he was seeing other women, I knew about it.” “That man has never done anything he did not want me to know about.

Between the two of us, we covered every topic imaginable. In a sense, I have known him forever. We did not keep anything from one other. Ivey acquired Coolio’s surname (he was born Artis Leon Ivey Jr.), and the two publicly identified as husband and wife despite never having tied the knot officially.

We had gone to the courts, filled out the necessary paperwork, and had intended to go through with it. We just chose not to hand it in,” she said. Nothing on paper can alter the way we feel for each other. According to the exotic dancer, there will be no funeral for the “Gangsta’s Paradise” star; instead, he will be cremated.

I am honoring his request. As a final wish, he expressed a desire to be cremated. She emphasized that a funeral was not what he desired. He did not request a funeral or commemoration.

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That was something he did not desire. Mimi also described the heartbreaking moment she got the news of Coolio’s death through a phone call. I remember all the breath and vitality leaving my body,” she said to the magazine.

My son had football practice, so I was outside getting him ready to go. Only after I was on my knees did I realize what had happened. My body gave up, and I passed out.

This past week, the body of the “Rollin’ With My Homies” rapper was discovered on the floor of a friend’s bathroom. He was 59. Days before his untimely demise, a “very engaging” Coolio took selfies with fans at the Houston airport before what would turn out to be his final concert.

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Aside from his six kids, Coolio is also survived by his ex-wife, Josefa Salina, whom he wed in 1996. After being together for four years, the couple decided to end their marriage. As Coolio’s long-term girlfriend has revealed, the late rapper’s only burial wish was to be cremated.

Mimi Ivey, who first met Coolio in 2004 but did not start seeing him until 2011, recently spoke to DailyMail about the rapper’s final wishes and adultery claims.

When the exotic dancer, chef, and entrepreneur discovered that her longtime partner, 59, had been found dead on the toilet floor of a friend’s Los Angeles house on September 28, she “collapsed,” she told a UK site. “I just remember all the air and life escaping my body,” she added.

The author recalls, “I was outside, getting ready to take my son to football practice.” When asked about the last instructions he gave his loved ones, Ivey stated, “I am obeying his desires.

As a final wish, he expressed a desire to be cremated. He had no interest in having a funeral or memorial service in his honor. That was something he definitely did not desire.