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Who Is Jess Hadid Dating? Have a Look About Her Current Boyfriend, Dating and Love Life

On July 8, Bella Hadid appeared to gently introduce a new relationship on Instagram. At the end of an Instagram series that included images of herself in France, the 24-year-old model posted a picture of herself and art director, Marc Kalman, holding hands. 
healthy and happy. Marc Kalman and Bella Hadid decided to keep their relationship secret after it sparked romance rumors in the summer of 2020.

It said, “Time of my life,” in part. In the final image, Kalman is seen embracing Hadid while saying, “Healthy, Working, and Loved.”

Fans and media outlets both spotted Kalman’s addition and surmised that she was making their secret Instagram romance official. After all, it wasn’t just their trip to France that fueled relationship speculation.

E! a day after the photo went viral, it was revealed that Hadid and Kalman were a committed couple. A source close to Hadid told the publication that she has been eager to be seen with him now that things have taken a serious turn. On Tuesday, July 13, Page Six revealed that Hadid and Kalman had been dating covertly for a year.

Hadid’s Heart Is Here….

Art director Kalman is well-known for his lengthy collaborations with Travis Scott.

According to reports, he and Bella have been dating since July 2020.

Page Six said that the couple had kept their relationship a secret for a full year after Bella shared her first photo with Marc. According to a person who wishes to remain anonymous, they began dating in July 2020 but “hid it well.”

“He would get the car first whenever they walked outside, and she would get in after him. They claimed that whenever they arrived at a spot, he would dump her off without getting out of the car. They took great care to avoid being spotted while on a public roadway.

Although Marc stood a few feet behind Bella, the couple was first spotted together in Lower Manhattan in July 2020. Bella and Marc have never discussed the beginning of their relationship in public.

In September 2020, the two were spotted once more in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

He has Bella “Totally smitten.”

E! Bella has reportedly become “totally smitten” with her boyfriend, according to a source who spoke to the news. “Now that they have become more serious, she has been thrilled to be seen with him,” they said. She is right now genuinely joyful.

Marc is allegedly also well-liked by Bella’s relatives. The source said, “She’s introduced him to her family, and they all believe he’s a terrific man.”

Her and Kalman have the support of Hadid’s family and friends.

After splitting with The Weeknd in August 2019, Hadid took her time to enjoy some time alone, according to E!

Eventually, though, according to the source, she “felt she was finally ready for a new relationship.”

The insider stated that Kalman had met Hadid’s family and friends, though the source would not say when exactly she and Kalman began dating.

Among others who have met Kalman and found him endearing are Yolanda Hadid, her sister Gigi, and Gigi’s boyfriend Zayn, the source revealed: “She’s introduced him to her family and they all think he’s a fantastic person. He frequently hangs out with Gigi, Zayn, and Yolanda, and they all adore and approve of him.

Several times in France during the Cannes Film Festival, Hadid and Kalman were seen kissing.

Hadid attended the Cannes Film Festival in July 2021 with Kalman by her side. They really aren’t hiding their connection from anyone anymore, as evidenced by the paparazzi photos of them having sexual relations on two separate occasions. The two were photographed having an intimate moment on a boat as they cruised the French Riviera, one day after Hadid shared a picture of her and Kalman kissing.

Kalman and Hadid were seen kissing while eating lunch in Cannes on July 12th.

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