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Rumors being spread that Ben Affleck and Emma Hernan connected on a dating app!

Emma Hernan, the entrepreneur you know best from the Netflix smash Selling Sunset, has worked hard at creating the life and profession she’s always wanted since she was a young girl. This article is involved in discussing the love life of the entrepreneur, thus detailing her current boyfriend.

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Who is Emma Hernan?

When Emma Hernan was a child, her family moved from Texas to a suburb of Boston. She left her hometown of New York City when she was a teenager and has remained in Los Angeles ever since, where she has pursued a career in modeling. Emma Hernan runs the plant-based food manufacturing enterprise Emma Leigh & Co.

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Emma Hernan has collaborated with Beyond Meat and launched her own vegan frozen food company, Emma Leigh & Co., which is well-known for its vegan empanadas. Emma also invests in the cryptocurrency market and acts as an angel investor for new businesses.

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Is Emma Hernan from Selling Sunset still dating Micah?

Late in April, Emma Hernan said that she and Micah were still seeing one other and had “grown closer” since the show but were not yet an official couple. When Emma agreed to work on a listing that Micah was building, the two hit it off immediately. In a confessional, Emma said that she is “usually very professional” but that things were “a little bit different” with Micah.

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So, those who have been keeping up with the season might have been surprised to see that Emma Hernan paired with Ben Affleck via a dating app that only allows verified celebrities to use it. During a conversation with Chrishell Stause, Emma states: “My guess is that Ben wasn’t texting me at the time. A couple of times, he might have suggested getting coffee together. As for me, I stayed home.” Chrishell, in disbelief, answers, “You had a chance to stop Bennifer.

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The hunter in him came out in full force, “referring to the reconciliation between Ben and J Lo. Ben’s representatives, however, have rejected the allegations, saying in People magazine that Ben has not used the dating app in question, Raya, in quite some time. ‘Raya has acknowledged that he has not been an active member for some years,’ the actor’s agent added.

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Who is Micah McDonald?

Micah McDonald is an Entrepreneur makes an appearance on Selling Sunset Season 5 to give Hernan a tour of his current construction project. Just this month, he updated viewers on the progress of the mansion he built during the course of the show by publishing photos of it on Instagram. In addition to his work as a real estate developer, he is also the proud owner of a mezcal bar(opens in new tab) in Los Angeles’s trendy Atwater Village district.

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