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Who Actually is Dante Wicker? How has it Confirmed that the Rapper is Missing?

On Thursday, February 2, three victims were apparently discovered in an apartment in Highland Park, roughly 6 miles from Detroit. The bodies were believed to be those of Armani Kelly, Dante Wicker, and Montoya Givens. A spokeswoman for Highland Park, LaKisha Brown, said that the bodies uncovered are likely those of three Michigan rappers who had been missing for three weeks. However , through this article you can know more about Dante Wicker, the rapper.


Who Actually is Dante Wicker?

According to different sources, Dante Wicker was an American rapper, media figure, online celebrity, and social media phenomenon who was born in 1991 and passed away in January 2023 at the age of 31. He collaborated with several other well-known rappers and musicians from the country, earning him widespread notoriety. On top of that, he gave live performances at several shows and festivals. With his rapping pals, he performed at birthday celebrations in outlying locations.

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He plans to release original music because of his passion for it. He was also keen on forming a band and playing live shows with its members. Sadly, his untimely passing meant that his hopes and ambitions would never come true. It is known that a single mother raised him. His mother, Donna Lewis, is a Melvindale resident originally from Detroit. It was clear from Donna’s online profiles that Dante and his father had a rocky relationship.


Missing Reports of Dante Wicker

The New York Times said that rapper Dante Wicker, accompanied by Armani Kelly and Montoya Givens, spent roughly three hours on the road on January 21 so that he could perform at Lounge 31 in Detroit. Unfortunately, he did not give a presentation. The authorities said that technical difficulties prevented him from attending, but it is unclear if he actually made it to the place. Armani Kelly, Dante Wicker, and Montoya Givens were reportedly reported missing after failing to attend the club.

Ten days have passed after the event was canceled, and the three have not been seen. This has spurred a joint investigation by multiple police departments into this “exceptional” case. Since the evening of the postponed event, none of the men’s phones have displayed any sign of activity. Mr. Kelly’s car was discovered in a neighboring city, but he and the other two guys were nowhere to be found.

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Dante Wicker Profession in Music

Dante Wicker, better known by his rap name B12, is a well-known musician. He decided to become a rapper while still a student. He also composed some music, which he performed at his schools. He put his studies behind him, worked odd jobs to make ends meet, and then pursued a career in rapping full-time. He and his two best pals, Armani Kelly and Montoya Givens, have performed at several local venues and attended several birthday celebrations.

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They also used to charge a small fee for their performances. As the rumors have it, B12 has always wanted to start a band with his pals so that they can perform as well as possible and compete with the other rap artists. However, his untimely demise prevented him from realizing his ambition of being a famous rapper.

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