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Who is Ciara Riley Wilson? Here’s Everything You Want to Know About the ‘Freeridge’ Star!

In the Netflix original series Freeridge, four Los Angeles-based teenagers are cursed together and must learn to survive high school together. That’s not a misprint. The show is a spinoff of another Netflix original series, On My Block, which is also based in the made-up Freeridge community. Ciara Riley Wilson, whose main character is one of the four mainstays, will be the center of our attention. Where does this aspiring actor come from, then? This is what we are going to discuss about in the present article.


Who is Ciara Riley Wilson?

According to Distractify, Born and reared in Oregon’s vibrant cultural capital of Portland, Ciara Riley Wilson is a performer with many talents. She got her start as a child voice actress in radio and TV commercials in the Pacific Northwest. Ciara’s early dance training included lyrical, jazz, tap, ballet, and hip-hop, all of which she excelled at. She used to compete in dancing competitions. At age 11, she decided to pursue acting as a career. In addition to acting, she has danced in several music videos, such as “Joshua Bassett: Doppelganger (2022)” and “Joshua Bassett: Feel Something (2021),” among others.

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Ciara’s parents are Jay and Nanette Wilson. However, the Portland Tribune has revealed that the family still lives in Oregon who had shifted to LA for pursuing the acting dreams of their kid.  Ciara’s brother went to school there, too. Ciara told Everly Mag she is “Filipino plus English, German, and Russian.” It would appear that Ciara has a solid connection to the Filipino side of her heritage, as evidenced by the emoji of the Philippine flag that she has included in her Instagram bio. Ciara has many talents besides acting, including dance and fashion design.

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She has landed roles in L.A.’s Finest, Speechless, Bizaardvark, and the next live-action Kim Possible film, set for release in 2019. Ciara learned to sew and embroider “hand-crafted things” and is “inspired by the ’70s and sustainability” when it comes to her personal style. During the height of the pandemic, she took up sewing as a pastime. Ciara initially tried out for the role of Demi on On My Block long before she was cast as the “very spiritual person” who is “obsessed with all things, like crystals and tarot cards and astrology.” When she first tried out for Freeridge in May 2021, “they only had a rudimentary notion of what the characters were going to be,” she was cast.

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