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Who Is Dorothy Wang Dating in 2023? Explore The New ‘Bling Empire’ star Romantic Relationship

Dorothy Wang is an American socialite, entrepreneur, and reality television star who has recently been in the spotlight for her dating life. Since appearing on the E! Network show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills in 2014, Wang has become a household name, and fans have been eager to follow her journey. Dorothy’s dating history has been filled with drama, from relationships with professional athletes to former castmates.

Who is Dorothy Wang?

Dorothy was born in Beverly Hills and attended all the most prestigious California schools, including the University of Southern California. This is no surprise, as Dorothy has described herself as a #RichKid for quite some time. 

According to Ask Men, Dorothy holds a real estate license and worked at The Agency alongside Kyle Richards’ spouse Mauricio Umansky. She no longer works there, as her name does not appear on the agent’s list. She no longer resides in Los Angeles.

Dorothy remained on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills during all four seasons, from 2014 to 2016. She told the South China Morning Post that she could unwind after the performance. “Before, in between filming sequences, I had to fit in my usual life, such as doctor’s appointments, manicures, and birthday parties,” she explains. “For four years, I ran while holding my breath. Currently, I’m truly enjoying life.”

She established a reputation on Instagram, with 1 million followers, and frequently wrote about her life in New York City and vacations.

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Who Is Dorothy Wang Dating?

Dorothy Wang is not dating anyone as of 2023. Dorothy’s age is 34 years. She has never been married before. There are no indications on Dorothy’s Instagram feed that she is in a relationship. Her profile is merely a highlight reel of promotional content for the upcoming season, beautiful outfits, and photos of the beauty hanging out with friends.

On a Bahamas trip during the first season of Bling Empire: New York, Dorothy and their girlfriends encounter several men. Dorothy then makes contact with an individual named Aristidis “Ari” Kourkoumelis. Ari is a senior counsel for the Office of General Counsel at the U.S. Department of Commerce. According to his LinkedIn profile, Ari is also an attorney at his firm, Kourkoumelis & Fotopoulos PLLC.

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Are Dorothy & Ari Together After Bling Empire: New York?

Dorothy Wang informed Bustle that she relocated to New York City in January 2022, implying that she met Ari at some point after that. Unfortunately, while reading through her Instagram feed, Ari was nowhere to be found. This makes sense, given that her grid is controlled like other celebrities, and she had a lot going on. She appeared to have traveled extensively and worked extensively promoting Bling Empire, among other things. Her Instagram feed does not have a selfie from Queens or her date with Ari.

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Who is Ari?

According to his LinkedIn profile, Ari is an attorney with his firm. Based on the dates of his occupations listed on his résumé, he began his practice around the time he met Dorothy. Owing to his apparent desire to protect his secret, perhaps due to his occupation, it is impossible to determine if they remained to date beyond Season 1. When Bustle asked Dorothy if fans may expect to see Ari in a potential second season, she responded, “I suppose they would have to wait and see!”

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Dorothy Wang Past Relationship History

Dorothy has dated several notable individuals, despite the widespread belief that she is the only glamazon in the Bling Empire. In 2022, according to the Netflix series Fansided, Dorothy was reportedly dating fashion designer Sam Saddam.


Dorothy and Sam are likely no longer together, given that Dorothy spent time with Ari during the spinoff’s first season.

In 2018, it was reported that Dorothy and musician John Mayer were dating. In 2018, they were photographed celebrating Dorothy’s birthday, which she shares with the singer of “Daughters.” In 2015, Dorothy was said to be dating rapper French Montana. However, she denied the rumors in the strongest terms.

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