who is bill gates daughter dating

Who Is Bill Gates Daughter Dating: Bill Gates Made Fun Of His Daughter Phoebe, 19, After She Showed Off Her New Boyfriend In A Pda Picture.


He’s got 99 problems… Bill Gates is getting teased because his 19-year-old daughter, Phoebe Gates, posted a photo of herself and her new boyfriend on Instagram. After Phoebe announced her relationship with a loved-up snap on Tuesday, people started making funny memes about the tech tycoon, and Twitter hasn’t stopped making fun of him yet.

Mr. Microsoft, who is 66 years old and worth an estimated $124.1 billion, became the punchline of everyone’s joke when it was found out that his youngest daughter is now an adult and showing him her PDA-filled relationship.

This week, Phoebe posted the first picture of herself with her new boyfriend, who is Black, on social media. Since it’s 2022, mixed-race relationships shouldn’t be a big deal (ahem, Senator Mike Braun, we’re looking at you), but trolls are making it a big deal with Gates as their target.

In their hot car selfie, Gates’ daughter is almost sitting on his lap. Leaning into her lover, he kissed her cheek sweetly while holding what looks like a diamond chain. She seemed to like it, too, because she closed her eyes and smiled as he gave her a big kiss.

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Bill Gates’s Daughter Married Her Husband In A Secret Muslim Ceremony.

Phoebe took the first step by telling everyone about her boyfriend, but the Stanford student didn’t say what his name was.

Even though Phoebe is about to start her second year at a prestigious university, it’s likely that they met in school. However, she didn’t say anything about him other than that she seems to be in love.

Her picture with her boyfriend went viral right away, and people couldn’t help but wonder what the recently divorced business mogul thinks of his youngest daughter’s new relationship.

How Did Jennifer Gates And Nayel Nassar meet?

Jennifer Gates and Nayel Nassar met in the horse world and became fast friends. Both of them graduated from Stanford, and until Jenn started medical school in 2019, they competed against each other around the world.

Jennifer Gates And Nayel Nassar
Jennifer Gates And Nayel Nassar

Bill Gates’ Daughter Phoebe Goes On A Bikini-clad Vacation To Celebrate Her High School Graduation While Her Parents Are In The Middle Of An Explosive Divorce Battle.

“Bill Gates said that he won’t leave any money to his kids. He is giving it all to charity “Someone on Twitter wrote about his divorce. “Big bag alert!” said someone else, referring to Gates’s wealth.

Someone else wrote, along with a picture of Martin Luther King Jr., “This isn’t the dream he’s talking about.”

Not just Phoebe, but all of Gates’ kids are in love. Last year, his oldest daughter, Jennifer Gates, who is 26 years old, married equestrian Nayel Nassar in a ceremony that was kept very quiet. Last year, after 27 years of marriage, Gates’ wife, Melinda, filed for a divorce. This meant that Gates’ marriage fell apart.

How Does Nayel Nassar Make Money?

Nayel Nassar is an Egyptian-American horse rider who was born on January 21, 1991. He started riding at age 5 and started jumping at age 10. Nassar qualified for the FEI Show Jumping World Cup Finals in 2013, 2014, and 2017. He also qualified for the FEI World Equestrian Games in 2014.

What Is The Daughter Of Bill Gates Doing?

She is in her second year at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

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