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The Old Guard 2 Netflix Release Date: Production Updates & Get Every Updates


Season 3 of the Mexican adolescent mystery thriller “Control Z” on Netflix takes a darker tone than previous ones had. The National School’s kids are being tormented by the malicious games of an enigmatic hacker known only as @allyoursecrets, who presents them with ever-more hazardous challenges. Everyone is on edge as they all work to keep their personal secrets private in the wake of the school principal’s passing.

The Miguel Garcia Moreno, Adriana Plus, and Carlos Quintanilla-produced program debuted in May 2020 and received a third season renewal in August 2021. The complex mystery, known for its deep storylines and subplots, has captivated viewers for three seasons. Can more be anticipated? What is known about “Control Z” season 4 is listed below.

The Old Guard 2 has at last begun production, however, we have yet to get Netflix’s official release date.

A sequel to Andy and her band of eternal warriors’ narrative was confirmed in August 2021, which is fortunate because the original film ended on a huge cliffhanger involving a person from Andy’s past.

Charlize Theron and KiKi Layne, as well as the rest of the original cast, will return in the sequel. A few more well-known actors have also joined the sequel (more on them in a moment).

However, there has been a significant shift behind the scenes with Victoria Mahoney replacing Gina Prince-Bythewood as director. Prince-Bythewood will continue to serve as a producer.

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Release Date For The Old Guard 2: When Can We Expect It?

As was already said, Netflix hasn’t given an official date for The Old Guard 2, but we hope to see it sometime in 2023.

On August 26, Netflix’s official social media sites were the first to talk about the second season:

“It’s official: The Old Guard is reuniting for a sequel that will be directed by Victoria Mahoney!”

Theron said on Instagram that the second movie’s filming had begun in June 2022.

We don’t know how long the second movie will be in production, but if the first one is any indication, it will be at least two months. If everything goes as planned, we might be able to watch it on Netflix in the summer of 2023.


We wouldn’t be surprised if the sequel came out in July 2023, since the first movie did so well in July and became one of the most-watched Netflix movies of all time. For now, though, we’re just guessing.

Where is The Old Guard 2 currently being made?

“Cameras will start rolling in the first quarter of 2022,” it said in the Variety article we just talked about. But it didn’t work out that way.

We’ve heard that the movie has been in pre-production for most of 2022 and that filming is set to start in June 2022.

On June 13, Victoria Mahoney tweeted a photo with the words “Day 1” next to it, which proved that it was true.

The second movie will mostly be shot in Rome, Italy, and the working title is “Devon House.” Some of the sequels will be shot in the United Kingdom, according to other production sources (where some of the first movies were also filmed).

The directors of The Old Guard 2 will change.

Gina Prince-Bythewood was the director of the first film, but she won’t be back for the second one. However, she will still be a producer. In August 2021, she told Deadline, “I love The Old Guard, the story, and the characters I was able to bring into the world. It was fun to shake things up in the genre, but I’ve decided not to direct the sequel. I’ll stay on as a producer, though. I know that my girl Vic Mahoney will do a good job with the next part of our franchise.

Instead, Victoria Mahoney, who has worked on the Star Wars movies, is taking over as director.

What will be explored in The Old Guard 2?

The second movie will be based on “Force Multiplied,” the second book in the series of comic books.

CBR did a great job of summarizing what happened in the comic, but it’s not clear how closely the Netflix sequel will stick to the comic.

“The Old Guard: Force Multiplied brings to an end the high-octane war between Andromache of Scythia and her former lover, Noriko. Andy’s immortals were being hunted as part of a long-term game by Noriko, bitter after she resurfaced from the depths of the ocean.”

An official synopsis tells us a lot about what to expect from the second book:

“Andromache of Scythia and her band of soldiers are back in this second story chronicling the battles and burdens of their dubious immortality. Nile’s addition to the team has given them new purpose and new direction, but when you’ve got 6,000 years of history at your back, the past is always ready to return—with a vengeance.”

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