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Jenna Johnson Pregnant: Jenna Johnson Of Dancing With The Stars Is Expecting Her First Child With Val Chmerkovskiy

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Here’s some news that will make you jump up and down: Jenna Johnson, who is on Dancing with the Stars, is pregnant! The professional dancer is going to have her first child with Val Chmerkovskiy.

Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy are starting a new routine: being parents. The pros from Dancing With the Stars got married in 2019, and they just recently said they’re going to have their first child together.

Reps for Jenna and Val tell E! News that they are thrilled to be having a child. “This is both of their dreams come true.” How did Jenna choose to tell her husband Val the exciting news? Well, the cute surprise was tiny shoes for dancing.

Jenna told People in a July 15 article, “I went and got these little Baby Jordans, these white shoes.” “I put them in a box the size of his Nike shoes. So, he wasn’t looking for anything. Then I added two small pregnancy tests.”

She went on, “He walked over, threw the box’s lid off, and started looking through it. He looked at the shoes and thought, “These sneakers are so small!” Then he got it, and the look on his face was priceless.”

Jenna is used to being busy because she is a professional ballroom dancer, but she is taking it easy before the birth of their child. The 28-year-old said, “One of the best things for me was to find peace.” “And not feeling like I had to be so busy and crazy busy all the time.”

She added, “I think I’m just giving my body the rest it needs.” “I think that’s what will help me the most. It’s also taught me that I don’t have to be busy all the time. I don’t have to work too hard.” What does Jenna think Val, who is 36, will be like as a dad? Let’s just say that her answer is worth 10s all around.

She said, “If he’s anything like the kind of husband he is, he’ll be the best dad in the world.” “He cares about others so much. Between us, is by far the one with more patience. So, I think that all of these little things will just make him a great father.'”

Jenna went on, “He’s the best when I see him with little kids. He has always been the most loved uncle. Everyone wants to do something with him or play with him. He really is the best. He just knows how to talk to and deal with them. How to make them feel so sure of themselves and happy.”

In January 2023, they will have their first child.

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