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Who Is Anita Pointer’s Husbands? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Anita Pointer, a member of the legendary singing group The Pointer Sisters, is one of the most successful singers in history. She and her sisters have been a household name for decades, but who is Anita Pointer’s husband? This article will provide an overview of what we know about Anita Pointer’s husband and their relationship. Through interviews and available public records, we will explore how the couple first met and how their relationship impacted her life.

About Anita Pointer

Anita Marie Pointer (January 23, 1948 – December 31, 2022) was an American singer-songwriter best known as a founding member of the Pointer Sisters. Anita created The Pointer Sisters in 1969 with June and Bonnie Pointer, while her siblings toured the United States as Pointers, a Pair. Sister Ruth later joined the band, resulting in their 1975 Grammy Award for the single Fairytale. While Bonnie pursued a solo career in the 1980s, the surviving members rose to notoriety as a trio.

Jump (For My Love), one of their most recognizable songs, capitalized on the electro-pop trend in the early 1980s to become the best-selling American dance hit of 1984. Girls Aloud’s cover a few years later also achieved international recognition.

Anita and her brother Fritz Pointer published the book Fairytale: The Pointer Sisters’ Family Story in February 2020. The book highlighted the challenges and triumphs the sisters faced during their careers and their experiences as young black women in the San Francisco Bay Area during the Civil Rights and Black Power movements of the late 1960s. Anita Pointer passed away on Saturday, December 31, 2022, at her home in Los Angeles at 74. Her demise was due to cancer.

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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Anita Pointer’s Husbands

Pointer was married twice to two different men. In December 1965, Pointer got married to David Harper. The co-author of The Fairytale: The Pointer Sisters’ Family Story shared her only daughter with her first husband, David Harper. Anita and David were married in 1965 when she was only 17 years old. The couple exchanged vows in December 1965. In 1966, the couple divorced their marriage.

Jada, the former couple’s daughter, was born on April 9, 1966. 1973’s Jada was inspired by Anita’s daughter Jada. In 2003, Jada left for the heavenly realm. She died at age 37 following a fight with cancer.

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According to a report from, the All I Know Is the Way I Feel singer moved on with Richard Gonzalez later in her life. The wedding took place in October 1981. This marriage, like her previous one, was not meant to last forever. The couple was unable to make their marriage work and ultimately divorced. According to additional sources, Richard Gonzalez is the surviving widower of the actress. They were married in 1981 till death tore them apart.


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