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When Is the Ideal Time to Send an Email Campaign?

Time is of the essence, so when is the ideal time to send an email campaign? It is possible to impact emails’ open and response rates by sending them at certain times and on particular days of the week. Numerous studies have led to the conclusion that this is the case.

Nevertheless, most investigation focuses on determining the optimal delivery time for email newsletters. Even though newsletters and cold emails serve different purposes, is the research on newsletters also applicable to cold emails?

When is the most optimal time to send out an email marketing campaign?

What the findings of the investigation imply

The previous week, a piece reported the findings of a Poll on the things that irritate people the most about receiving emails. One of the topics posed to the respondents concerned the possibility of them getting emails late at night.

According to the poll results, most recipients (91%) do not mind receiving emails in the middle of the night. Only 9% of respondents believe emailing late at night is impolite and unprofessional.

Although that was only a minor part of the poll, much attention is paid to one question in the post’s comments section. “Should I send emails late at night, or should I not?”

Those are just the statistics. And statistics are very dependent on the population that is being investigated. Because of this, we decided to look up some additional facts concerning the most optimal time to send an email campaign and then compare the outcomes.

What kinds of inferences can we draw from all of this information?

After all, is said and done, when is the ideal moment to launch an email campaign? Because of the following reasons, the response that any one of us gives to that question will be unique:

Our intended audience chooses the most effective time of day and week for us to email them. And we’re guessing you can use that strategy for newsletters and cold emails. If we have a good understanding of our audience, that is to say:

  • If we have completed some research before mailing,
  • If we were to uncover their inner workings, including what motivates them and what they despise,
  • If we speak to a segment of the population that is supposed to be representative of the whole,

We can determine the best time to send cold emails when this is complete. This technique won’t be successful for every single one of our recipients. However, it will be successful for the vast majority of people.

The challenge of determining when the optimal time is to send out email campaigns in reality

Determining the optimal timing to launch an email campaign involves research and experimentation. Before sending your cold emails, you must fundamentally understand the appropriate times to send emails (based on articles like those mentioned above).

On the other hand, we rapidly realized that most responses were sent on the weekends. Because they checked their emails at such times, most of the people who responded did so either very early in the morning or late at night on working days.

One person’s idea of a “dead zone” may be another person’s idea of the perfect time. Therefore, we wouldn’t usually anticipate anyone to respond to emails between 5 and 6 in the morning. According to the findings of the study conducted by a magazine, this area is considered to be a “dead zone.” However, for specific people, not only was it acceptable to receive an email before 6 AM, but it was also acceptable for them to talk to the sender on the phone at 7 AM because they genuinely began their day three hours earlier than 7 AM.

Where is the benefit in it for you?

Knowing your addressee, who is not simply a member of a statistical group but, more importantly, a living person on the other side of the screen is of the utmost importance in this endeavor. You could begin with the statistics since if you didn’t, you wouldn’t know where to begin. However, in the end, the practice will verify the best time to contact your prospects.

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