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Blogging for Marketing Success: 3 Tips to Amplify Your Reach

Valuable content is the backbone of a successful blog, and content relevance significantly impacts how your content ranks in search engines and social media feeds. Blogging has become an important part of social communication for every business.

Successful blogging can increase your business’s reach and visibility in search engines and social media, while blogging can also help you establish your business as a leader, thought leaders in the industry and can play a key role in lead generation, conversions, and customer loyalty.

However, many blogs fail to meet expectations. Some main reasons blogs fail to deliver are lack of valuable content, inconsistent posting, and lack or poor promotion. First of all, creating quality content is a fundamental step in SEO. Search engine algorithms have grown sophisticated and will rank websites that meet user needs.

They can now show results matching each user’s browsing and search behavior. If your content is relevant to your target audience’s current interests and you use the keywords and context they are searching for, it will help you improve your rankings and visibility in search engines. And with the constant evolution of algorithms, the same is increasingly true for social platforms.

Encouraging for action

Whether you’re completing a blog post or sharing content on social media, there should always be a call to action. This may include resharing a post or clicking on a link.

No matter what, always ask for something. One of the most important questions I ask in Content Marketing Analyzer is whether marketers include calls to action at the end of their posts.

That’s because this tactic is as important as any other if you want to get results from your marketing. For what? Because lead generation is the #1 goal of B2B content marketers. If you use!, even if you share third-party links, you can still add calls to action and branding to the links you share. All of these individual news stories can be organized into topic pages.

Unfortunately, only about half of content marketers implement the Content Marketing Grader report using calls to action at the end of each blog post. It’s a lost opportunity, but it’s an easy fix. Just add a call to action at the end of your article.

Are you eager to maximize the potential of these invaluable visits? Consider implementing a captivating pop-up feature that transforms your website into a top-tier pay stub creator. By doing so, you can anticipate a remarkable surge in the number of leads you cultivate, mainly if you entice visitors with enticing incentives such as complimentary reports, access to cutting-edge online calculators, or the opportunity to embark on risk-free trials.

Old content

HubSpot marketers already do this for some of their content. This has given them excellent results, especially regarding leads generated and SEO rankings. Leads and SEO benefits aren’t the only rewards for updating this old content. It also helps you create the “10X content” that publishers like Moz discuss.

Most of us content marketers are guilty of the terrible sin of neglecting content. We have abandoned our content. Of course, we loved him when he was born, and we spoiled him and fed him for probably the first few days. But after that, most of us leave our content alone and hope it takes care of itself.

This must stop. You worked hard to create this content. He tried to work hard for you. So, instead of rewriting the same content from scratch a year later, how about returning to your old content and refreshing it? 10X content isn’t just good.

It’s not even “just” better than everything else. I’m talking about crazy, excellent content that’s 10 times more impactful than everyone else’s. This type of content. I don’t need to tell you how big the order is. Or most content marketers will probably fail. But… if you have an old article that has performed well in the past, you have a good outline of what can be turned into 10X content.


You need to promote the content you post. Even world-class content creators spend a lot of time promoting their work. It takes about half the time to plan and create content in the first place. Some of the best content experts spend 5x more time on advertising than on content creation.

This is the #1 area that content marketers tend to ignore. They may believe their content is so good that it will eventually be discovered. Maybe they haven’t spent enough time promoting it, so they have to rush to create the next piece of content.

I’ve written a lot about how to promote content. But according to recent research, more work still needs to be done. Especially when sharing your content via email updates. Only about 30% of content marketers use email as a content promotion channel. This is a huge missed opportunity! Email is one of the main drivers of sharing for both B2B and B2C audiences.

This tactic separates the pros from the newbies in the content marketing ranks. So add it to your rotation, even if you start small. Reach out to influencers you know will be interested in your new content. Tools like BuzzStream, NinjaOutreach, and BuzzSumo can help you find the right people.

A popular way to get the attention of influencers is to mention them in your content. Or to write about something important to them. Your outreach emails will work best if you don’t contact them the first time. It pays to have a pre-existing relationship.

2If you have a few senior (or even mid-level) friends, don’t hesitate to email, email, or DM to reach them. In fact, for the next content you post, force yourself to send only 5 emails or other messages to different influencers. This won’t take you more than an hour, and if you choose your influencers wisely, you’ll likely see a significant increase in shares.

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