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Wednesday Addams Netflix Release Date Status: Who Is Playing Wednesday Addams On Netflix?

A version of The Addams Family by Tim Burton? Sounds like something out of a dream. And thank goodness Netflix is making it possible.

In 2022, a brand-new show called “Wednesday” will come out. It will be a live-action, supernatural coming-of-age story about the famous character “Wednesday Addams.”

Burton will make his first appearance on TV when he directs and executive produces the series along with the showrunners, creators, and writers Al Gough and Miles Millar.

So far, we already know a few things about what to expect from the new show. For example, Wednesday, Gomez, and Morticia Addams have already been cast in their key roles. (Jenna Ortega, Luiz Guzmán, and Catherine Zeta-Jones?! I know when a role is perfect when I see it!)

What’s going on? We finally have our first look at Jenna on Wednesday, and she looks great!

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When Is Wednesday Released On Netflix?

There isn’t yet a specific confirmed date for Wednesday’s release. We do know, though, that it will be on Netflix in the fall of 2022.

Fans could see the show premiere in October, which would make sense given the themes and vibe of the show. When we find out more, we’ll add it to this article.

What Is Wednesday About?

Wednesday will have 8 episodes, and they will show how a slightly older Wednesday Addams deals with life and school. The official plot summary of the series is already out:

“Wednesday Addams’s bad experiences as a student at Nevermore Academy, a unique boarding school in the middle of New England.

Wednesday tries to get a handle on her growing psychic ability, stop a monster who is terrorising the town, and solve the supernatural mystery that her parents were caught up in 25 years ago, all while figuring out her new relationships at Nevermore, which are very complicated.”

wednesday addams
wednesday addams

In The Netflix Movie Wednesday, Who Does Christina Ricci Play?

In March 2022, it was announced that Christina Ricci would be joining the cast of Wednesday on Netflix. However, she won’t be playing the older version of Wednesday that she did in the Addams Family movies.

Christina will play a different role instead. For now, details about her character are being kept secret.

According to Source, Christina Ricci’s character on the show will be “similar to the one originally played by Birch” and will fill that role. Thora’s character Tamara was “Wednesday’s dorm mother and the only “Normie” on staff at Nevermore Academy who was interested in all things botanical.”

On Netflix, Who Is Wednesday Addams Played By?

In the latest movie in “The Addams Family” series, Jenna Ortega plays Wednesday Addams, a 16-year-old student at Nevermore Academy who uses her growing psychic powers to catch a serial killer and solve the murder mystery of her parents, which happened 25 years ago.

What Age Is Wednesday Addams Right Now?

The character is now 18 and has “grown up” into a woman, so she no longer wears her trademark pigtails. The characters were made by Charles Addams, and the musical is based on them.

Is There A Wednesday Trailer Yet?

Not yet! So far, there is no trailer for the show, but Netflix has released the first two teasers, which show Wednesday and Thing. We’ll make changes to this article as soon as a trailer comes out. Here’s the first taster for now.

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