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She-Hulk fans believe the finale’s teaser shows a Red Hulk

If fan theories are to be believed, the She-Hulk series finale will feature at least one major Red Hulk twist. Teaser trailers for the season finale of She-Hulk depict Bruce Banner returning to battle Abomination, but this week, the real Hulk to fear may not be green but red.

Since Jennifer Walters became the second Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the programme has introduced a few villains that are interested in stealing She-gamma Hulk’s powers and are captivated by her blood.

It would make sense to resolve this subplot by having an antagonist face off against the two cousins, and while the original Red Hulk has been written out of the running since William Hurt‘s death, a Red Hulk version may be the one to accomplish it.

Several social media and video-sharing platform users have pointed out that Jen may have already warned her audience about this. In this week’s teaser, we get a quick glimpse of a mysterious red creature who appears during what appears to be a rematch between the Hulk and the Abomination.

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While the official 30-second video from Marvel Studios reveals relatively little new footage, there is a mysterious red arm near Emil and Bruce at the 0:25 mark.

Who is this unknown individual, then?

To be sure, Jen’s unwanted suitor and client, Todd, is a leading contender at the moment, as he has all but been outed as one of the Intelligencia’s masterminds and appears to be completely infatuated with She-abilities. Hulk’s

In spite of this, given She-penchant Hulk’s for exploiting obscure comic book characters, it may be Madman, one of The Leader’s minions, but this seems improbable given there is no other mention of either character in the episode.

While it is challenging to picture Hurt’s Thunderbolt Ross in this new light, any given Intelligencia user stands a chance of becoming the one exposed to enough gamma radiation to transform into a crimson monstrosity.

As The Leader (Samuel Sterns) has been confirmed as a villain in Captain America: New World Order, it would seem that She-Hulk is a great place to introduce viewers to Tim Blake Nelson‘s disfigured come back to the MCU.

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It is safe to assume that the writers of She-Hulk have some surprises up their sleeves for the series finale; the setting for the battle between the Abomination and Hulk hints at an explanation for Emil’s strange transformation into a mindfulness guru, even if it is not the World War Hulk preview some viewers were hoping for.

As of right now, you may watch She-Hulk on Disney Plus.

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