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Tytyana Miller, Master P’s 25-year-old daughter, died of fentanyl intoxication

The reason why Master P‘s daughter Tytyana Miller died has been found out. The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner says that the 25-year-old died of accidental fentanyl poisoning at a private home (via People).

The rapper, who is 52 years old, wrote about Miller’s death on Instagram on May 29, two days after she died. The reason why Master P’s daughter Tytyana Miller died has been found out.

He wrote at the time, “Our family is going through a lot of pain because of the death of my daughter Tytyana.” “Mental illness and drug abuse are real problems that we must talk about.

We will get through this with God’s help. #MyAngel.” Tytyana was also remembered on Instagram at the time by Master P’s son, Romeo Miller.

The actor told his fans, “Even though this is a sad time, I’ll always be thankful for the memories I did have with my amazing sister.” “Love your family and friends, because life is short.”

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Two months later, Master P talked about how “hard” it was for him to get over his loss on “CBS This Morning.” In July, he said, “I feel like I went to my own funeral when I went to my daughter’s funeral.”

“I don’t want to go to funerals at all.” Master P said that Tytyana still had “a lot of life in her” and that she was a happy woman who knew she could do something better the next day. I really like her. Every day, I think about her.”

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Before she died, Tytyana and her family talked about her struggles with addiction on the show “Growing Up Hip Hop.” Master P said in a 2016 episode, “When people hide that they have a problem, they’ll never get over it.”

“She told him, ‘Dad, I want to improve. “I need to pull myself together.”

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