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Tim Roth’s son, musician Cormac Roth, dies at age 25

Cormac Roth, an actor’s son and a musician, died on October 16 after a long fight with cancer, his family said Monday. He was 25.

In a statement, his family said, “He was a wild, electric ball of energy, and his spirit was full of light and goodness.” “Cormac was wild, but he was also the picture of kindness.

A kind person who made everyone around him happy and gave them hope. When we think of that beautiful boy, we cry and laugh in waves, just like our grief. We have known him for 25 years and ten months.

A child who can’t be stopped from being happy, wild, and wonderful. Not long ago, he was a man. We care for him. We will take him everywhere with us.” Roth was a skilled guitarist, composer, and producer who went to Bennington College.

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In November 2021, he wrote on Instagram that he had been told he had Stage 3 germ cell cancer. “It took away half of my hearing, 60 pounds of weight, and my confidence, and it will keep killing until I find a way to stop it and kill it,” he wrote.

“But it hasn’t taken away my will to live or my love of making music. So far, it hasn’t brought me down. If you or someone you care about has cancer, please don’t be afraid to ask for help. Cancer is an emotional roller coaster like nothing else.

Love to you all, and please do the things you enjoy. Life goes quickly. It’s a mess. And you can’t tell when it will be you. Be healthy and see a doctor. Fuck cancer.”

Tim Roth’s father has been in several movies by Quentin Tarantino, such as “Reservoir Dogs,” “Pulp Fiction,” and “The Hateful Eight.” He was also nominated for an Oscar for the 1995 movie “Rob Roy.”

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Most recently, he was on the Marvel Studios and Disney+ show “She-Hulk: Attorney at Hulk,” where he played the bad guy Emil Blonsky, also known as “the Abomination,” from “The Incredible Hulk.”

His parents, Tim and Nikki Roth, and his brother, Hunter Roth, are still alive.

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