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From Celebrities to Politicians: The Twitter Accounts with the Most Followers

Twitter is where we all go to get our voices heard on any issue (and where we hope our efforts to be polite and civilized are reciprocated) and where we interact with our favorite celebs. These are the most popular profiles on Twitter. Even more so, Twitter is where we learn about breaking news events. After Elon Musk bought Twitter and welcomed back President Trump, the accounts with the most followers have shifted. As a matter of fact, Twitter’s popularity as a source of news has skyrocketed, and the platform’s top news channels attract a large audience interested in staying updated.

Here is the list of Top 10 accounts by number of followers (top 10 most followed Twitter accounts):

NameTwitter HandleFollowers*
 Barack Obama@BarackObama133.3M
Elon Musk@elonmusk128.3M
Justin Bieber@justinbieber113.5M
Katy Perry@katyperry108.7M
Cristiano Ronaldo@Cristiano107.5M
Taylor Swift@taylorswift1392.3M
Donald J Trump
Narendra Modi@narendramodi86.3M
Lady Gaga@ladygaga84.9M

Top Ten Twitter Accounts

If you want to know how popular an account is, go no further than its follower count. Just keep in mind that it isn’t the only option. Twitter accounts with the most followers are significant. Still, it’s also true that followers can be bought nowadays, so be wary of those with a large number of followers but little activity. Being the most followed on Twitter is like having the most money in Monopoly (Hi, Hasbro!). The fact remains, though, that some accounts legitimately deserve their millions of followers.

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1. Barack Obama (133.2m followers)

First, we have Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States. As may be expected of the world’s highest office holder, Donald Trump has a large fan base. Who would have thought that he would still be the most followed person on Twitter five years after leaving office? With this foundation in place, Obama now tweets primarily about his routine and the work of the Obama Foundation. Obama, you should be proud that you have the most followers on Twitter.

Barack-Obama; img src:

2. Elon Musk (118.1m followers)

Even as time has passed, Elon Musk’s influence on Twitter has only increased. His ascent to the top of the list has been meteoric since he made his intention to acquire Twitter public. After abandoning the deal, he still has millions of fans. Musk has risen to fame due to his numerous successful product launches, including those of electric automobiles and rockets (in one case, literally launching an electric car into space on a rocket). His love of Bitcoin and internet humor has made him a Twitter celebrity.

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_elon-musk-; img src:

3. Justin Bieber (113.7m followers)

Since the beginning of his career, Justin Bieber has maintained a dedicated fan base. He’s maintained a high profile throughout his life, becoming one of the most famous people in the world while constantly reinventing his image….and unquestionably the most famous person on the social media platform. Famous young fans of Bieber include Jaden Smith, Queen Latifah, and Iggy Azalea. Infrequent updates provide the same random thoughts and generic content as any other Twitter user.

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-justin-bieber-; img src:

4. Katy Perry (108.8m followers)

Katy Perry, the international superstar of the pop music industry, comes in at number four. Perry rose from her beginnings as a singer in churches to become a global phenomenon. Perry, the most followed female on Twitter, uses the platform to share her ideas and feelings rather than spam the feed with advertisements (although they come up occasionally too).

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katy-perry; img src:

5.  Rihanna (107.2m followers)

The next artist on the list is Rihanna, who enters the top five. This megastar and cosmetics mogul is another musician—and certainly not the last. She has amassed a massive following on Twitter thanks to her prolific discography and the success of her Fenty Beauty line. Rihanna’s Twitter page features promotional content, such as updates on the singer’s newest projects and partnerships.

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Rihanna; img src:
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