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Creating the Perfect Environment for Online Gaming

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Enthusiastic game players know the truth: those who say ‘it’s just a game’ are completely wrong!

Of course playing online isn’t just a game – it’s the most brilliant pastime ever invented by the human race.

Whether you are enjoying a long adventure in GTA or simply checking online casinos in, we reckon gaming is just about the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Some of us even go online to watch others playing. We like the fun and excitement – and hope to pick up tips and skills.

We also secretly want to see what the pro’s gaming set-up is like. We all suspect the environment that we play in is a significant factor in how well we play.

So we asked gaming experts for their tips about creating the perfect situation for online gaming. What things are worth getting – and what things aren’t?

The best gaming furniture

Gaming experts say the furniture in your gaming sessions is vital to how well you play.

Even if you are a keen beginner, you will be eager to take on your friends. Ergonomic environments help you maximise your potential.

You need to be able to see and reach everything and to avoid eye, neck, arm and back strain. In short, you should be as comfortable as possible.

Do you need a pro set-up?

We all dream of having an environment suited to a professional e-sporter. But for most casual gamers it’s simply not worth investing huge sums to create that.

Most amateur players should look out for used or budget alternatives instead. Is your spare bedroom really big enough for a bespoke gaming chair and multiple monitors?

What are the gaming essentials?

A desk

The basics are a stable desk or table to make sure your screen is at the right height and won’t wobble. It’s good if there’s a shelf underneath for consoles, amps and extra units.

It must be sturdy enough to take the weight of extra kit if you decide to upgrade your monitors and computer.

We won’t get into the sitting/standing debate here – it’s down to personal preference. It’s enough to say some swear by standing to play – but most of us feel like slumping down in a chair sometimes.

A chair

A pro chair can cost you thousands, but you should be able to find something at a fraction of that cost. Concentrate on support, adjustability and comfort.

Do you really need a dedicated gaming chair? Note that with the flashiest designs you are paying for just that – flashy design.

The experts say that the reclining angles and swivels, headrests and neck/lumbar support are worth a lot more than fancy colours, jack sockets and built-in speakers.

If looking cool is important to you when sitting downplaying online then perhaps you’ll need a dedicated gaming throne. If not you can make big savings with quality office gear.

What about extra upgrades?

Using a powerful PC will be a bonus if you are tackling data-hungry gaming. No-one wants games that freeze, stall or crash.

But if you mostly play a online bingo and FIFA then do you really need a mega-supercomputer?

The features worth paying for are wi-fi, sturdy construction and a decent cooling system for those long hot summer nights of gaming.

Don’t neglect monitors though – computing power won’t count for anything if monitors are sluggish.

Thinking about the screen size is good, but choosing on the basis of refresh rate is better. And go for high quality resolution – you’ll enjoy gaming graphics a lot more.

A responsive and robust keyboard, mouse and mousepad are under-rated accessories too. Experts recommend keys with built-in illumination for fast character recognition whatever the lighting conditions.

By the way, did you know a corded mouse may look old-fashioned but is more sensitive and reacts faster?

The better your headphones and mic, the more engrossing gaming will become. The same with your speakers – don’t just rely on the monitor’s tiny built-in units.

Finally have you considered the lighting in your gaming spot? Many players opt for darkness, relying on the illumination from the screen.

But is that enough for you when you are using a keyboard, reaching for a mouse or even stretching for your cup of coffee?

Enjoy and don’t overspend

Gaming is one of today’s most popular pastimes. Whether you are aiming to be a top pro or casual part-timer, the set-up can impact on your performance and enjoyment.

Beware however that it’s a bottomless pit. Try to emulate pro players and you can spend more than you need.

For most of us online playing is still about having fun – not being world champion. That’s why experts advise us to always moderate our gaming dreams to fit with the reality of our budget!

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