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‘The Luckiest Girl Alive’: Will there be a sequel for the Movie?

The movie Luckiest Girl Alive is based on the same-named novel by author and screenwriter Jessica Knoll. Mila Kunis plays Ani FaNelli, a magazine writer who has carefully crafted her life and persona to start over after a terrible event in her past.

Even though the movie is not easy to watch because of what it is about, it will be one of the most popular movies on Netflix this fall. Mila Kunis’s role as Ani is one of her best so far. You will not be able to take your eyes off how the star plays the part.

But will there be a sequel to the movie that was based on the book? After seeing Luckiest Girl Alive, you will probably still have questions about Ani and want to see more of Mila Kunis in this significant role.

So far, here’s what we know!

Will there be a second part for ‘The Luckiest Girl Alive’?

As of October 2022, when the movie comes out, Netflix has not said anything about making it into a franchise. Since Luckiest Girl Alive is a book that stands on its own and does not have any sequels (yet), it is likely that the movie will do the same..

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At the end of the movie, Ani finally makes peace with her past and gets to tell her story. She gets the job of her dreams at The New York Times, and the honesty of her personal essay has moved millions of women.

When a woman on the street says that Ani is enjoying her “15 minutes of fame,” she puts on the strong persona she is always wanted to have. This ending makes it seem like Ani’s story is not quite over yet, since there are still a lot of unanswered questions about where she is going next.

However, that does not mean Luckiest Girl Alive needs a sequel to answer those questions. At the very least, Netflix could turn another Jessica Knoll book into a movie. Would you watch a follow-up to Luckiest Girl Alive? Or do you want Netflix to make a movie or limited series based on The Favorite Sister by Knoll?

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