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‘Luckiest Girl Alive’, Ending of Netflix Movie Explained

Luckiest Girl Alive, a new thriller starring Mila Kunis, has been in Netflix’s Top 10 since it came out over the weekend. Fans are already praising the movie for how it shows victim blaming.

The movie Luckiest Girl Alive is based on the same-named novel by Jessica Knoll. It is about a successful journalist named Ani FaNelli (Mila Kunis) who is engaged to the man of her dreams.

Six weeks before their wedding, Ani wants to get a new job at The New York Times. But her picture-perfect life is in danger of falling apart when a documentary filmmaker asks her to be in a movie about the school shooting she lived through as a teen.

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Fans of the movie have been talking about how they felt about the way it ended, with some saying it was “the perfect ending” and others saying it made them cry. So, how does Luckiest Girl Alive really end? And how much is it like the book’s ending?

Here is all you need to know about how the Netflix show Luckiest Girl Alive ends.

Luckiest Girl Alive. (L to R) Mila Kunis as Ani in Luckiest Girl Alive. Cr. Sabrina Lantos/Netflix © 2022.

How does the Netflix show “Luckiest Girl Alive” end?

In the movie, viewers learn that when Ani was a teenager, Peyton, Liam, and Dean, three of the most popular boys in her class, raped her as part of a group. That night still haunts her.

As a teen, Ani told her friend Arthur about what had happened to her. Arthur said to her that he and their other friend Ben had also been picked on by the identical boys. Soon after that, Ben and Arthur act out a school shooting.

During the shooting, Arthur does not kill Ani. Dean, who also lives, starts a rumor that Ani is part of the plan to kill everyone. Throughout the movie, Ani struggles with her trauma, especially having to see her rapist, Dean, have a successful career as a writer and advocate for gun control.

But by the end of the movie, Ani shares her story after her boss encourages her to do so. Ani writes an article for The New York Times and secretly records Dean saying that he raped her when they were both teenagers.

Ani gets the finished article while she is at the rehearsal dinner for her wedding to Luke. The article is about to be published. Luke sees it and tells Ani that he wishes she had handled the situation privately.

Ani then tells him that she has been “using” him to hide from her trauma, and she decides not to marry him. Ani stays in New York and moves to a new place to live.

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She gets a massive response from other women, who tell her their stories, and she starts working at The New York Times. In the last scene of Luckiest Girl Alive, Ani talks to a fellow journalist who supports Dean and says that Ani is using Dean to get her “15 minutes of fame.”

Ani walks up to her and asks her name, but she does not wait for her to say it. Instead, she tells the woman, “I’ll just remember you as the woman I told to go f**k herself on the fifth avenue.” The movie is based on a 2015 book by Jessica Knoll of the same name.

Knoll was a big part of making the Netflix movie, and she and Mila Kunis worked together to change the movie’s ending. In the book, Ani does not write an essay about her experience. In the movie, though, it is a big part of how the story ends.

Knoll said that they wanted to change the ending to reflect what she went through when she wrote an essay for Lenny Letter about being sexually assaulted.

Knoll said this in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: “When Mila came on, a lot of people talked about how the ending did not quite work.

“At some point, I remember saying that when I wrote my essay for Lenny Letter, I got a lot of messages from women telling me their stories. That made us think, “Maybe there is a way to use that to shape our ending.”

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“It is very meta that it is a made-up story with made-up characters, but even more of it is based on my real life. I like that we talked about the year after I wrote the book and the essay, how people reacted, and how I went on a TV show to talk about it. I liked that we put that in the movie because I think it makes Ani’s journey more exciting.”

The movie Luckiest Girl Alive is now on Netflix.

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