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The Last Of Us’ Trailer Captivates With its Post-Apocalyptic Setting

In August, viewers were treated to their first taste of “The Last of Us.” Some of HBO’s best programming was previewed in the teaser. The show is based on a video game franchise developed by the business “Naughty Dog.”

A big-budget live-action adaptation of another Naughty Dog game, “Uncharted,” starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, was released this year. The concept for the game came from the video game.

Is the show going to be any good?

Unfortunately, we do not have the solution just yet. It is possible that we will not know the answer to the question until the release. The series better be exciting if we are going to watch it. People who have not heard of “The Last of Us” could be intrigued by it.

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The thrilling story follows Ella and Joel as they struggle to stay alive in a dystopian future alongside a smuggler. The fans of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us were in a more upbeat mood on Outbreak Day than the game’s characters, thanks to the release of the first full-length trailer for the live-action TV show adaptation of the game.


Naughty Dog co-president and The Last of Us director Neil Druckmann has been working on the project alongside Craig Mazin at HBO for quite some time. The series boasts an impressive cast, with Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) playing Joel and Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones) playing Ellie.

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The Last of Us wrapped filming in Calgary, Alberta, earlier this year after a year of filming. The teaser confirms speculation that the show’s premiere will take place in 2023. The teaser will take viewers back to Outbreak Day, when a deadly strain of Cordyceps spread across the United States, sparking widespread panic.


In addition to seeing more of Pascal and Ramsey, viewers also got a better look at Nick Offerman’s Henry and Storm Reid’s Riley Abel. And no trailer for The Last of Us would be complete without a crazed glimpse at The Infected’s terrifying Clicker, a monster infected with Cordyceps.

The show will stick closely to the game’s plot, which centers on Joel and his efforts to get Ellie across a post-apocalyptic America with The Infected and other hostile groups. The show will premiere on HBO Max in 2023, though the exact date has not been announced.

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