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The Buccaneers can’t stop Lamar Jackson or other Thursday’s best bets

Tonight marks the beginning of 27 days of football contests. 

Football will be played every day beginning on Monday, November 28.  If this is the end, we have football for 27 days. 

Jackson has rushed for at least 61 yards in four of seven games this season and averages 72.9 yards per game on the ground. 

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There may be more points and excitement in tonight’s game than on most Thursdays this season. Tom Brady must establish his viability in a primetime game after two straight defeats, correct? Would you bet? Yes, but this one is an excellent deal. 

Even if the Buccaneers‘ offense has been subpar, its defense remains one of the best in the league, although it is better at stopping passes than runs—the seventeenth-best run defense in the league. A RavensLamar Jackson team has awful news. The Buccaneers excel against elusive quarterbacks. 

Patrick Mahomes and Marcus Mariota are the most threatening leg athletes they have ever seen. Mariota gained 61 yards on deliberate plays and scrambles, while Mahomes gained 34 yards on escapes. Despite the spotlight on injuries to its offensive line and skill players, Tampa will also miss a few defensive players tonight. I anticipate Baltimore will utilize their former MVP on the road tonight in a week.

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