Terry Crews Wife Illness Rebecca King-crew Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Terry Crews Wife Illness: Rebecca King-crew Diagnosed With Breast Cancer, Crews Says “World Came Crumbling Down”

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Terry Crews‘s wife, Rebecca King-Crews, was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit full force. In addition, Terry reported in May 2020 on The View that his wife’s surgery had made her “100 percent cancer-free.” For the time being, at least, everything seemed good for her. “Our world kind of came crumbling down,” says White Chicks actor Terry Crews while discussing his wife, Rebecca Crews’

However, Rebecca may encounter some obstacles on her way to a full bill of health. Some fans of the Celebrity Game Face episode airing in July 2020 saw Rebecca’s trembling hands and voiced their concern for her on Twitter. The precise cause of her trembling is unknown at this time because neither Rebecca nor Terry has stepped forward to offer an explanation.

Was Terry Crews’s wife weak because she was sick?

Someone on Twitter pointed out that Rebecca’s double mastectomy could have hurt her nerves, which could have caused her hands to shake. Cancer.org says that isn’t completely impossible. According to the website, after having a mastectomy,” some women have problems with nerve (neuropathic) pain in the chest wall, armpit, and/or arm that doesn’t go away over time.”

Post-mastectomy pain syndrome, or PMPS, affects 20–30% of women who have had their breasts removed. Some of the signs are tingling, numbness, and shooting pains in the chest, armpit, or arm. Even though Rebecca’s shaking doesn’t quite fit the bill, it could still be related to her surgery in some way.

What does Crew’s wife do for a living?

Based on what Rebecca’s Instagram says, she does everything. Her bio says that she is a singer, songwriter, actress, TV personality, mogul, and TV personality. So far, her only claim to fame is that she is Terry’s wife. Under the name Regina Madre, she has made a name for herself as a soul singer. In 2018, SoulTracks even put her in the running for Best New Artist.

Rebecca felt imprisoned in the position of Terry Crews’ wife, despite the fact that she became somewhat of a public figure as a result of her participation in The Family Crews, a BET series that chronicled Terry Crews’ transition from NFL star to the actor. She stated this in an interview with Black Girl Nerds.  “people often have a hard time seeing you in a different way … a different light. Especially when they already know who you are.”

She had previously recorded songs under her own name but felt it was too closely associated with her renowned family, so she created a new persona and became known as Regina Madre.

“I came up with Regina Madre because Regina means Queen and Madre means Mother,” she said. “And the biggest thing that I am grateful for, is motherhood. I have five kids. I wanted a name that was regal. My maiden name is King. Plus I wanted to keep the R in my alias, so Regina fits.”

Rebecca is a successful professional, a devoted mother to five children, and a grandma to one. She had Naomi with Charles Burton, but she had Azriel, Isaiah, Tera, and Wynfrey with Terry. The couple’s first grandchild, Miley, was born to Naomi after Terry later adopted her.

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