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Former Philippine Leader Fidel Ramos Died At The Age Of 94: What Cause Of His Death? Explained

Fidel Valdez Ramos, who was the former president of the Philippines and died on Sunday, was a fighter in the Korean and Vietnam wars and a political survivor. He went from being a high-ranking security officer during Ferdinand Marcos Srdictatorship .’s to being elected president of the country. He was 94.

Many people saw Ramos as a hero because he left Marcos’ government, where he was head of the national police force, and helped bring down the dictator in 1986, when people rose up against his rule.
Others, on the other hand, would never forget or forgive him for his part in putting martial law into place during the Marcos regime.

Ramos won a close election in 1992 to replace Corazon Aquino, who led the People Power movement that got rid of Marcos. In later years, he became known for smoking cigars that weren’t lit. Even though he got less than 23% of the vote, Ramos soon had 66.6% of the vote, and his presidency is remembered as a time of peace, stability, and growth.

“On this sad day, our family feels the same sadness as the Filipino people. We didn’t just lose a good leader; we also lost a family member “In a statement, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., who was just elected president, said that he was Marcos’s son.

“The legacy of his presidency will always be cherished and will live on in the hearts of a grateful nation.”
Ramos went to the US Military Academy at West Point and was a platoon leader in the Korean War in the 1950s. He is also known as “FVR.” In the late 1960s, he led the Philippine Civil Action Group in Vietnam.

From second lieutenant to commander-in-chief, Ramos held every position in the Philippine army. He never lost his military bearing and cockiness, bragging many times, “No soft jobs for Ramos.”
The son of a former diplomat became the only Methodist leader in a country where most people are Catholic.

During his six years in office, deregulation and liberalisation policies made the country’s economy more open to foreign investment.

In the transportation and communication sectors, Ramos broke up monopolies. Congress gave him special powers that he used to fix the broken electricity system. This ended the crippling 12-hour power outages that happened all over the country.

During his time in office, the economy grew quickly, and the number of people living in poverty dropped from 39 percent to 31 percent.

fidel ramos
fidel ramos

During his time in the military, Ramos fought right-wing, left-wing, and Islamic rebels. Later, he held peace talks with all “enemies of the state,” including rogue soldiers who tried to overthrow Aquino nearly a dozen times while she was in office.

In 1996, he made a peace deal with the Islamic separatists of the Moro National Liberation Front. This helped bring the number of Maoist-led guerrillas down from a high of 25,000 in 1986 to more than 5,400 rebels.

Ramos was a workaholic who did many things at once and a leader in sports. When he was in charge of the military, he would run after his golf ball while jogging. His early morning runs were famous among his staff officers, and even at age 80, he would jump to reenact what he did during the revolt in 1986.

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