Mötley Crüe bandmates

Motley Crue Drug Addiction: Drummer For Mötley Crüe Tommy Lee Claims He Drank ‘2 Gallons’ Of Vodka Per Day The Year Before Rehab

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There are so many crazy stories about the heavy metal band Motley Crüe that it’s hard to tell what’s true and what’s not. Nikki Sixx, who played bass, Tommy Lee, who played drums, Mick Mars, who played lead guitar, and Vince Neil, who sang lead, did everything to the extreme.

Their shows were full of complicated tricks, like flame throwers and extreme pyrotechnics. Even after the show was over, things were still very tense. Every day, all day, the band rocked hard and had a lot of fun.

Members of Motley Crüe have slowed down a lot since they stopped performing (though a rumored reunion was in the works for 2020 before the pandemic hit). But Lee found himself going back to some old habits in 2019 that he knew weren’t good for him.

All Of The Members Of Motley Crüe Were Addicted

In the 1980s, when Motley Crüe was at the height of its fame, all of its members used drugs and drank too much. Sixx overdosed on heroin on December 23, 1987, and was declared legally dead on the way to the hospital. The bassist was revived by two shots of adrenaline from an EMT, which led to the band writing the song “Kickstart My Heart,” Yahoo said.

After that happened, the band all decided to stop drinking together. It just didn’t last long.

Tommy Lee Is Everything A Rock Star Should Be

If you ask someone to think of a typical heavy metal rocker, they will probably picture Lee. The 58-year-old musician is tall, thin, and has tattoos all over his body. He has a long history of shocking behaviour, crazy relationships (he’s been married four times and put out a sex tape), and hard-partying ways that are legendary.

This includes the fact that he said he used drugs and drank too much. But now, the musician isn’t hiding the fact that he wants to stop.

The Drummer For Motley Crüe Drank 2 Gallons Of Vodka Every Day.

Lee isn’t touring with the band right now because of restrictions caused by the pandemic. This ended any chance of a reunion. But the musician said that he was doing things that weren’t very good for him.

Lee told Yahoo Entertainment before the release of his new album, “Andro,” “I didn’t notice it until the end, when I was like, ‘Oh man, I’ve got to stop.'”

Mötley Crüe bandmates
Mötley Crüe bandmates

“Like, I drank just because I was bored. I would just wake up and start filling a glass with vodka and a tiny bit of cranberry juice or lemonade. I was drinking two gallons a day, which is not a pint or a quart, but a big-handle gallon. “That’s crazy as hell,” he said.

All of this happened after he had been sober for four years. From what he had done before, he knew the risks. Lee said, “I just realized, ‘Whoa, dude, you’re drinking so much that you could probably die.'”

Tommy Lee Saw How Dangerous It Was For Him To Drink So Much.

Lee’s wife, social media star Brittany Furlan, was one of the people who helped him decide to get sober.

“She said, ‘Baby, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone drink that much. The Motley Crüe member said, “Like, you kind of scare me.” “She was definitely worried, and her worry was a big part of why I decided to just leave,” he said. “I skipped out on work for more than a month, and then I just said, ‘That’s it, I’m done for a while.'”

We all hope that Lee will be able to stay sober.

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