Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn get secretly engaged

Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn Get Engaged In Secret And Tell Their Close Friends And Family.


It looks like Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are going to get married. The Source says that the couple got engaged in secret and has only told close friends and family so far. The report says that Alwyn asked his girlfriend to marry him months ago, but the couple has decided to keep their relationship private and hasn’t told anyone about their engagement.

The Sun said that a source told them, “Mostly, they are close relatives and very old, trusted friends. Everyone has also sworn not to say anything. Again, only a small number of people know specifics about the wedding, and Taylor hasn’t even told all of her team members that she’s getting married.” The Grammy-winning singer is said to only wear her engagement ring when she is going somewhere private.

The source also said that, just like the couple has kept their engagement quiet, their wedding will also be a very private event, and they won’t sign any contracts with magazines to cover it. The source told The Sun that Taylor and Joe’s wedding, if it happens, will be “simple and elegant, like them.”

It’s not the first time that news has come out that Taylor and Joe are getting married. Before, when Alwyn was promoting his new show Conversations With Friends, he was asked about his relationship with Swift. He gave a rather vague answer, saying, “If I had a pound for every time someone told me they were engaged, I’d have a lot of pounds. I mean, if the answer was yes, I wouldn’t say it, and if it was no, I wouldn’t say it “, via WSJ.

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