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Kaitlin Armstrong, A Yoga Teacher Who Had Been On The Run, Has Returned To The United States From Costa Rica

A yoga teacher from Texas who was hiding in Costa Rica and was accused of shooting a professional cyclist in a love triangle was sent back to the United States on Saturday. She had been caught hiding there a few days earlier.

Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, who ran away from the country last month after killing Anna Moriah Wilson, 25, had changed how she looked and may have even had plastic surgery.

In video 13 from ABC, Armstrong is seen being led by U.S. Marshals into a waiting car at George Bush International Airport while wearing a mask. As seen in the video, she doesn’t answer the reporter’s questions and hides her face from the news camera.

KXAN-TV says she was taken to Harris County Jail and will be moved to Austin, where she will be charged with murder in Wilson’s death.

Kaitlin Armstrong
Kaitlin Armstrong

Armstrong is accused of killing Wilson in an Austin home on May 11. Wilson had spent the day with Armstrong’s professional cyclist boyfriend, Colin Strickland. Police say that Strickland and Wilson were in a relationship. They met when Wilson came to town from San Francisco to train for a bike race.

After Austin police asked her about the murder, she sold her Jeep Grand Cherokee, which was seen outside the crime scene on surveillance video. She took the $12,200 from the sale and flew to New York. A few days later, she flew from Newark, NJ to Costa Rica using someone else’s passport.

US Marshals Service officials said that she was caught Wednesday at a beach hostel in Santa Teresa. Her hair had been dyed darker and cut to her shoulders. She also had a bandage on her nose and bruises under each eye.

A witness told Inside Edition that when she was taken away in handcuffs, he found a receipt for $6,350 worth of cosmetic surgery that she had left behind. KXAN said that Armstrong’s bond will be set at $3.5 million and that GPS will be used to keep an eye on him.

In a statement to The Post, the Wilson family thanked Austin police, US Marshals, and others for their “diligent” work in looking for Armstrong.

“We’re glad that this period of uncertainty is over, and we hope that justice will be done,” said the statement. “We would like to ask the media to give us privacy at this time, as they have for the past six weeks.”

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