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Tamil Nadu Youtuber TTF Vasan Arrested For Over Speeding: What Is The Real Controversies?

Who is TTF Vasan?

TTF Vasan is a young YouTuber and moto vlogger who quickly got the attention of lakhs of people. TTF Vasan is from the area of Coimbatore. He started a YouTube channel because he liked biking, racing, doing tricks, and traveling. In 2020, only a few hundred people were following him on his YouTube channel, Twin Throttlers.

Within a few months, his number of subscribers on Twin Throttler’s YouTube went over 20 lakhs, and he now has 2.84M followers. People talked about him after he went to Ladhak, and many people watched his videos. Young people and 2,000 kids were blown away by his adventure rides. Many Kutty TTFs try to copy what TTF Vasan does, but they do it in TVS XL.

TTF Vasan Controversy:

Coimbatore-based Travel blogger TTF Vasan is a YouTuber. He likes going out on his two-wheeler. He has a lot of young fans and has been to many places on his expensive bikes, like Ladakh and Nepal. He just had a party for his birthday near Mettupalayam in Annur. There are a lot of loud people at this event. Many people thought it was a festival. Others thought that an actress had arrived or that filming for the main actor was about to end. Traffic in the area was affected by the number of people who came to see this TTF.

The fans also set off fireworks. In a similar way, Vasan just posted on Facebook that he had been to a well-known store for sports equipment in Chennai. Because of this, a lot of people came to watch him. When the police showed up, they were surprised by how many people were there and tried to break up the group. A video of him riding a bike at 243 km went viral on social media. Young people who see this and then try to have adventures like him have been criticized. So, it has been said that it is a dangerous act that puts the lives of those teens and others on the road in danger.

Even though Vasan says in many interviews that no one else should have these kinds of adventures. Wear all the safety gear before you start the car. We’ve seen people die in car accidents because they didn’t. People have also hit barricades or dogs on the side of the road and gotten seriously hurt. We don’t know how the danger will show up, and TTF is not a good example. TN police want to file a case against him for driving too fast and not paying attention.

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