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Sushmita Sen Breakup: Sushmita Sen Post Pictures Breakup With Ex-boyfriend Rohman Shawl

Rohman Shawl was Sushmita Sen‘s boyfriend for three years, but they broke up in December 2021. On Thursday, January 6, the woman who used to be Miss Universe went live on Instagram and answered questions from her followers. In the 31-minute video, she was also seen with her two daughters, Renee and Alisah.

During the session, Sushmita also showed off her new look. In the video, she wore a black sweatshirt and had short bob hair. The actress may have also hinted at what went wrong in her relationship with Rohman.

When someone on Instagram asked her what respect meant to her, Sushmita said that respect was the most important thing to her, even more, important than love. “Respect means everything to me. I put that above love any day. Because love is something you feel with great intensity and you fall out with the same amount of intensity, and you can. This whole movie business, lovely books…we all take you through this journey of a very unrealistic idea of love, where there are no responsibilities and problems. But only love”

She kept talking about her answer and said, “It’s a lovely idea. But where there’s no respect, love has no meaning. Love will come and go but if there is respect, love gets a second chance to express itself. But if you only focus on love, it will always be temporary. If there is no respect, love takes a backseat for me. That’s how important respect is for me.”

A paparazzo account on Instagram posted a video of Sushmita, Rohman Shawl, and Alisah coming out of a building together. When people asked her to take a picture with Rohman, Sushmita waved and smiled at them. Then she posed with her fans for selfies. At first, Rohman was seen helping Alisah get into the car. He then went to Sushmita and stood next to her.

Rohman was seen protecting her by putting his hands around her as people crowded around her. He stood behind Sushmita and put his hands in front of her to protect her from getting hurt. Rohman kept his hands that way as he walked Sushmita to her car and waited until she got in.

Rohman was seen sitting behind Sushmita. Sushmita was in the front seat. Alisah sat in the back seat next to him. Fans who took pictures of Sushmita saw her smiling and folding her hands in front of her. Rohman and Sushmita were both wearing black pants and denim shirts. Sushmita also wore a headband and a bag. Alisah was seen wearing a jacket, blue jeans, a striped T-shirt, and sneakers.

Sushmita shared a cute picture of herself with singer and model Rohman when she said that she and her husband were splitting up. The title said, “We began as friends, we remain friends!! The relationship was long over…the love remains!! #nomorespeculations #liveandletlive #cherishedmemories #gratitude #love #friendship I love you guys!!!”

Sushmita was honest about her Instagram post, which got a lot of love from her fans. She told Hindustan Times that she wanted to end things on a good note because every relationship she’s been in has helped her grow stronger.

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