She Was The Sweetest Girl-Friends Distinguish London's Most Recent Manslaughter Casualty As Lynda Marques

“It’s heartbreaking, she leaves behind her son, he’s just a baby,” said a friend of Lynda Marques, who requested not to be identified.

Various sources reveal to CTV News, Marques was purportedly shot while holding up in an SUV, outside a location on Wateroak Drive in northwest London around 8 p.m. Friday evening.

She later passed on to the emergency clinic.

Police deemed the shooting a homicide and called it a targeted attack.

“She was a successful, kind, smart young woman. She was a nurse, and just open her own Botox clinic recently”, Her close friend added

No suspects have been captured as of now.

Police proceed to research and urge anybody with data to reach them at 519-661-5670.

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