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9 Mistakes in Working with Content, Which Reduces Its Effectiveness to Zero

Not everyone knows how to write content properly. As a result, we have a lot of time and money spent on creating texts, zero or almost zero output, a feeling of dissatisfaction with yourself, and tears of disappointment…

The experts of have collected the most common mistakes occurring when creating content. Most often they occur within a company and can completely nullify the whole effect of content marketing. The more people want to participate in its creation, the worse it gets. They described the 9 most serious mistakes in content creation and told how to avoid them.

lack of content strategy

If you don’t have a strategy, content creation becomes chaotic. Your readers will freak out, not understanding what’s going on with the content, and eventually leave. If the choice of topics follows no order, people won’t know what to expect from you. They need clear expectations and trust, a consistent and clear view of their problems and issues.

How to fix it

Create a content strategy. It should reflect the interests of your audience and your interests as a company. The strategy should outline key steps and goals.

Low skill level of content creators

A low level of copywriters, SEO-optimizers can seriously harm your content. Because of the mistakes of the SEO specialist, the site can get banned from search engines. A copywriter who works for pennies most often will write a text with a million mistakes – no one will read it. You will have to rewrite it and spend your time on it. Perhaps nothing bad will happen if you use low-paid professionals, but you will not get the desired effect. Calculate how much time you will spend on correcting the mistakes of low-skilled employees.

How to fix it

Choose competent and responsible executors. Hire competent copywriters, use the best essay writing service.

lack of analytics

If you don’t track the effectiveness of your content, you’re throwing money away for creating it. Without analytics, you will not know what your audience likes and what they do not – you will not be able to develop this direction. Acting blindly is not a good option.

How to fix it

You can’t limit yourself to search engine analytics here. You need to establish basic KPIs, build hypotheses, and evaluate past results to understand what changes have occurred. You need to analyze the results at regular intervals.

Lack of policy

If you do not have an approved policy, essentially everyone in the company can contribute to the text. Everyone has his own ideas and criteria for evaluating the text. Often, the most authoritative person in the team has the last word – and it is not important that he knows little about content creation. As a result, editing the article takes a lot of time, and the text becomes worse than its first draft.

How to fix it

Write a policy. Don’t involve everyone in the company in checking the text. Describe what everyone involved in the review should check and give a deadline.

Lots of empty space in the text

Many copywriters have started to intentionally create a void in the text. It looks like paragraphs of one sentence, then a blank line, and that paragraph again. The text becomes more like a poem and is difficult to understand. Readers may perceive the text as spam.

How to fix it

Structure the text correctly – separate paragraphs by 4-5 lines and remember: 1 paragraph = 1 thought.

Unrealistic deadlines for creating a unit of content

Often customers say that the text should have been written yesterday. The team begins to work hard to catch up on missed deadlines. As a result, all workflows collapse, and the team makes mistakes.

How to fix it

Set realistic deadlines. Create content to spare – go with the plan and don’t overburden writers. Writing is partly a creative process and a tired person won’t be able to write anything worthwhile.

Putting off audience analysis for later

Many executives believe that audience analysis is a waste of time and can be done sometime later. There’s an opinion that it’s a waste of money and nothing more. But how do you create content if you don’t know exactly who will consume it?

How to fix it

Give your team the time and budget to research your target audience. Write content that is useful to your audience.

Put people without experience in charge of content

Putting someone with no experience to manage content may not work out well. His intentions may be right, but his lack of experience and self-confidence can ruin everything. Editing the text may come down to editing mistakes in the text or it may be based on a purely personal opinion.

How to fix it

Content should be managed by someone with experience or a professional content agency.

Excessive tools for subscribing to content

The worst part is when your readers are bombarded with opportunities to subscribe to newsletters, chatbots, and other marketing tools. This is where it’s important to understand what your readers are using and not overwhelm them.

How to fix it

Choose your marketing tools wisely, leave 2 or 3, you don’t have to use them all at once.


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