Avaya Nortel Northern Telecom Phone Compatible Headsets

Avaya Nortel Northern Telecom Phone Compatible Headsets


Nortel phone users can find a variety of Nortel compatible headsets in the market. These headsets vary in style and functionality. A commercial-grade wireless headset solution is purchased in a complete set that consists of an A/C power adapter, a Base/Charger, and a headset. A Handset Lifter is optional and requires an Electronic Hookswitch Cable to answer and hang up calls remotely. The base/charger is used to control compatibility and functions as a charging station when not in use. LED lights indicate that the headset is powered on or off.

Plantronics Corded Headsets

The H-series of corded headsets from Plantronics are perfect for Nortel IP phones. This particular model uses a Polaris connector cord to work with the phone’s headset jack. These headsets feature crystal-clear voice quality and no amplifier. The headset simply plugs into the phone’s headset jack without needing an amplifier.

The Nortel M5317 is compatible with Corded Headsets from Plantronics. The headset features quick disconnect technology and an A10 connector cord to connect directly to the phone’s headset port. Both corded and wireless headsets are available in several sizes to accommodate different sizes of ears. Plantronics offers both corded and wireless headsets. The CS540 is a great option for any office phone, allowing you to plug in and disconnect the headset easily.

Plantronics Amplifier

If you’re working on a project that requires a Nortel phone, you may need to purchase an amplifier. Earlier Nortel phones needed to be connected to an external amplifier to be functional. Plantronics engineers new Nortel phones to come with an amplifier built right in. By eliminating the need for an external amplifier, you’ll be able to utilize a direct connect cable to make calls. Without an amplifier, however, you’ll lose control of the volume of incoming and outgoing voices. Buying an amplifier will provide complete volume control of your headset’s microphone and speaker.

Fortunately, there are several options for Nortel compatible headsets. The Plantronics H22 headsets are compatible with Nortel’s PX and Meridian Norstar phones, and their M22 amplifier replaces the internal amplifier of the phone. These headsets also come with noise-canceling microphones for loud environments and voice-tube models for quieter settings. Whether you need a headset for a noisy environment or just want to be heard while working, a Plantronics amplifier for Nortel Northern Phone Compatible Headsets is a perfect choice.

Plantronics Quick Disconnect

The quick disconnect feature of the Plantronics CA12CD EU DECT headset is designed for use with DECT radios found in Europe, parts of Africa, and the Middle East. This model also features a hands-free setting and a footswitch PTT. The headsets also feature vehicle mounting and allow two Plantronics headset tops to be connected to a single bottom.

The headset features a kevlar-reinforced cord to protect the connection from sharp objects or office chairs wheels. These headsets are compatible with many brands of phones with modular headset ports, including Plantronics, Nortel, ShoreTel Allworx, and Digium. They can also work with Norstar Meridian phones. To ensure compatibility with your Nortel Northern Phone Compatible Headsets, make sure to check the specifications and make sure to purchase the correct model.

Another feature of Nortel phones is the quick disconnect feature. This feature allows you to connect the headset to the phone quickly and easily. The headset connects directly to the headset port of the Nortel Meridian, so you won’t have to lift the handset to answer or end the call. A recharging cord is included with this model. Purchasing a headset for your Nortel phone system is a great way to save money and get high-quality headphones without sacrificing performance.

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