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Servant Season 4: Renewed or Cancelled? Everything You Need To Know!


A grotesque and gloomy psychological horror show with cultist intrigue is the work of Tony Basgallop. The plot revolves around Leanne Grayson, a new nanny who joins the Turner family just as Jericho makes a remarkable return. However, the members understand that Leanne may have hidden a traumatic background from them. The Apple TV original series, which premiered in November of this year and has since spawned three seasons, has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and fan response. Following the cliffhanger of the third season finale, you may wonder if there will be a fourth season. Let’s get deeper into the topic if your curiosity is killing you.

Servant Season 4 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

A month before the third series premiere of Servant, the series was renewed. The fourth season is intended to be the final one, concluding the storyline. It premiered in November 2019, the second in January 2021, and the third on January 21st, 2022 for the first three seasons. The first episode has already shown, and the next one will run on January 28th.

With 10 episodes per season, we expect the third and fourth seasons to be 26-36 minutes long, like the first and second seasons. There is no official release date for the fourth season, however we may assume that it will be a year later than the third season premiered. We may expect the series to premiere sometime in 2023 based on the schedule.

Servant Season 4 Cast: Who can be in it?

All of the original cast members are expected to reprise their roles in the fourth and final instalment. It is possible that we may see Lauren Ambrose (Dorothy Turner), Toby Kebbell (Sean Turner), Nell Tiger Free (Leanne Grayson), and Rupert Grint as members of the core cast ensemble (Julian Pearce). Phillip James Brannon (Matthew Roscoe), Tony Revolori (Tobe), Boris McGiver (Uncle George), Molly Griggs (Isabelle), and Todd Waring (Todd Waring) are all expected to return in supporting roles as well (Frank Pearce).

Jericho is played by James Hoogerwerff and his brother, Jack Hoogerwerff, in season 3. However, it is unclear whether or not they will return in the following edition, given the possibility that different actors may be cast in the part of the young protagonist. Furthermore, considering the character’s tragic end, we have yet to learn whether Barbara Sukowa will reprise her role as Aunt Josephine. The cast of season 4 may, however, include some new faces for the sake of the storyline, which will be revealed later. More information on this will be provided later.

Servant Season 4 Plot: What can it be About?

At the start of the third season, we discover that the Turner household has regained its equilibrium. Following the terrifying implications of the events that transpire in season 2, Leanne regains control of the situation in the house she formerly owned. But suspicion takes just a little time to take root, and Dorothy happens to come across Leanne’s adventurous diary by chance.

Dorothy’s colleague Isabelle gets a premonition about what happened to Jericho the year before, but Leanne keeps the situation under control. Isabelle is killed while covering a shootout incident, and Dorothy suffers a nervous breakdown as a result of the death. When the season comes to a close, Dorothy makes an unsuccessful attempt to escape the house because she has become anxious and possessive of Jericho. However, the railing on which she has been leaning breaks, resulting in her falling from the top of the stairs to the bottom.

The third season ended on a cliffhanger, and the fourth season could take up where the third season left off. First and foremost, we have yet to learn if Dorothy will be able to walk away from the disaster alive. Despite the fact that the dice can land on any side of the table, we hope she is still alive. Dorothy may be confined to her bed for a period of time following the accident. In the meanwhile, Leanne will be able to exert greater control over the family. On the other side, we can see if the infestation in the house results in the building collapsing or not.

When Uncle George appears in the third season’s conclusion, it is already a foreboding sign that “thing” is coming to an end. So we’ll have to wait and see if they can keep the infestation under control. Between now and the release of the next instalment, Sean and Julian may finally come across the body of Aunt Josephine. It’s possible that the new residents of the house next door are connected to the Church of the Lesser Saints in some way. Consequently, it will be intriguing to observe how they may influence the storyline in the future. In a nutshell, the fourth season will have a lot on its plate, and it may also be the season that brings the drama to a close.

Servant Season 4 Trailer: When will be it out?

As of yet, there hasn’t been a trailer or promo for Season 4. The following teasers and trailers will keep fans entertained till then. The third season’ teaser aired on Apple TV sometime in October. After a toast to mom, the series takes a terrifying turn in the trailer, which has amassed over a million views. Is the official series going to be any less terrifying if the trailer is? Seasons one and two of the show will air on Apple TV+ in 2019.

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