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The Parisian Agency Season 3 Is It Officially Renewed At Netflix? Everything You Need To Know!


Whether it’s anything along the lines of ‘Selling Sunset’ or the ‘Million Dollar Listing’ franchise, it’s impossible to deny that (luxury) real estate-based reality series have been all the rage over the past several years. However, when France’s charm, elegance, and range are added to the mix, it undoubtedly elevates things to a whole new level, as proven by ‘L’Agence,’ or for us, ‘The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties,’ which is a real estate agency in Paris that specialises in exclusive properties.

This show revolves around the Kretz family, as they negotiate every area of their lives while also serving as vital members of their family-run, independent real estate office that is unlike any other in the industry. With seasons 1 and 2 having provided us with an in-depth look at how Kretz & Partners operates and grows, let’s find out everything we can about a potential, equally exciting follow-up instalment.

When Will The Parisian Agency Season 3 Release?

The second season of Netflix’s The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties premiered on January 13, 2022, and ended on January 27, 2022, according to the network. When it comes to The Parisian Agency Season 3, neither Netflix nor the showrunner have made any formal announcements regarding the show’s renewal for a third season as of yet. We do know, however, that the second season has been performing exceptionally well on the platform and has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the public. As a result, we are optimistic that Netflix will be interested in bringing the show back for Season 3 of The Parisian Agency in the near future.

However, even if the reality series is renewed for a third season, the third season will not premiere until 2023. All of these, however, are just wild guesses, and until there is an official announcement, nothing can be said with certainty or certainty.

Who Will Feature In The Parisian Agency Season 3?

The members of the Kretz family are the focus of the reality television series The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties. The Kretz & Partners real estate agency was formed by Olivier and Sandrine Kretz, who will almost certainly return in Season 3 of The Parisian Agency when the series returns.

In addition, there is Sandrine’s loving mother, Majo, who is always there for her. Raphael Kretz, the youngest son of Olivier and Sandrine, may also make an appearance in the season. He has completed his education in order to be able to participate more actively in the family business. In addition, in Season 3 of The Parisian Agency, we will see the other Kertz siblings, Martin, Valentin, and Louis. In addition, the family’s three daughters-in-law, Eve, Charina, and Adriana, as well as new partner Jeanne, will be featured in the season.

Is The Series Based Scripted?

The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties has always been categorised as a reality television show on Netflix. And based on what we’ve learned so far, it appears that the reality television designation is well-deserved. The fact that the cast members are delivering written dialogue in the sequences is not contested by us. Additionally, the creators provide a standardised format to follow.

The Kretz family and the business depicted in the series, on the other hand, are as authentic as they come. Fans, on the other hand, must understand that being authentic does not imply being unfiltered. As a result, the show is subjected to a great deal of editing, and it is possible that there will be some retakes and reshoots. However, as far as we are aware, the transactions depicted in the shows are genuine. It’s even more pleasant for aficionados of the real estate genre because the show is unscripted, which adds to its appeal.

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