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What Did Krampus Find Under The Snow? Ending Explained


Since it came out in 2015, “Krampus” has become a scary Christmas staple for horror-comedy fans, on par with “Jack Frost,” “Anna and the Apocalypse,” and “Gremlins.” With its dark, “Twilight Zone”-like supernatural horror and cheerfully sarcastic sense of humor, the movie are becoming a holiday tradition for a growing number of people.

The story of the dysfunctional but still loving Engel family starts with a child’s touching wish and ends with a double twist that might confuse even the most experienced horror fan. For those who don’t know what happened, we’ll explain what happened over that snowy holiday weekend that sealed the fates of a whole family of Christmas haters, including one little boy whose holiday spirit was crushed by their lack of holiday cheer. Find out who made it through their fight with Krampus on Christmas Eve by reading on.

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The Ending Of Krampus

In the final act, Max faces Krampus, who has taken Max’s whole family. He tells him that all he wanted was for things to be like they were before. He wanted everyone to go back to when they were happy. Max is thrown into a fire to die instead of having the spell broken or getting his family back. Instead, Max wakes up safe and sound on Christmas morning in his bed. He comes home to a happy family waiting for him to open gifts. They are all happy and treat each other pretty well.

Then, Max finds a bell that Krampus left behind. Slowly, each family member seems to remember something from the night before. The camera moves back to show Max’s house inside Krampus’s lair in a snowglobe. There are a lot of snow globes with different scenes on the bookshelf. Does this mean that Krampus won and Max and his family will be stuck in his prison for the rest of their lives?

Max’s Wish Is What Brings The Wrath Of Krampus

Young Max Engel (Emjay Anthony) believes in the spirit of the holidays, but his big extended family does not; as a result of interfamily strife, they all refuse to join him in his regular Christmas activities. When his relatives mock him for believing in Santa Claus at his age, Max loses his temper and declares his hatred for his family and Christmas. He eventually rips up his letter to Santa Claus and tosses it into the fireplace. This letter is the catalyst for the remainder of the film; it is what attracts Krampus to the Engels.

Note that when Max receives his bell from Krampus, it is wrapped in parts of the torn-up note, a reference to Krampus’ agreement with Omi. By courting Krampus’ wrath by rejecting Santa Claus and the joy of the holiday season, Max has sealed his family’s death with a blood bargain with Krampus.

Are The Engels In Hell?

Or does it spell disaster for the Engels? “Krampus” concludes with a twisting ending that provides the family with both good and unpleasant news.

After Krampus and his henchmen have picked up all of the Engels, they are put into a pit that leads directly to hell. Max quickly joins them, despite having directly apologized to Krampus for getting lost. The following morning, however, the small kid awakens in his bed and goes downstairs to find his entire family alive and well.

Christmas morning begins, and a humbled Max is once again appreciative of his family. However, upon opening the package, he discovers the bell Krampus gave him the night before. As the camera pans away from the frightened Engels, it becomes clear that they have been captured in a snowglobe and are resting in Krampus’ workshop among other globes with similar aesthetics.

Therefore, are the Engels eternally condemned to live in a snow globe at Krampus’ workshop? Or does the workshop’s abundance of snowglobes indicate something else?

According to the graphic novel “Krampus: Shadow of Saint Nicholas,” the Engels are not eternally imprisoned in Krampus’ workshop nor do they reside in hell; rather, Krampus utilizes the snowglobes as monitoring devices to spy on those he has spared. They, like the bells he gives to youngsters who have survived his wrath, are a mechanism for Krampus to ensure that everyone celebrates the holiday spirit – or else!

Are The Engels In Hell?
Are The Engels In Hell?

What Did Krampus Find Under The Snow?

The Snow Beast is the secondary antagonist in the horror-comedy film Krampus. It is an unseen worm-like creature capable of digging rapidly beneath the snow. At the beginning of the film, it briefly assaults Howard, but by the end of the film, it has consumed Tom, Sarah, and Linda.

What Does The Ending Of Krampus Mean?

“Krampus” concludes with a twisting ending that provides the family with both good and unpleasant news. After Krampus and his henchmen have picked up all of the Engels, they are put into a pit that leads directly to hell.

Is Krampus A Happy Ending?

Similar to Santa’s naughty or nice list, reindeer, and sleigh, the snow globe may be understood as the Krampus’ viewport into and portal to the actual world. In this light, the film’s conclusion is a pleasant one.

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