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Selena Gomez probably may not have children owing to bipolar disorder medications

Throughout her career, Selena Gomez has been transparent about her battles with mental illness.

The upcoming documentary “Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me” will feature the Disney actress spilling the beans on numerous personal details from her life.

In an earlier interview with Rolling Stone, Selena had been open about the possibility that the medicine she takes to treat her bipolar disease will render her unable to bear children.

She opens up about her desire to become a mother and the challenges she faces in doing so.

The actress, then 30, told Rolling Stone, “That’s a huge, major present thing in my life,” before telling the story of her one friend who was attempting to conceive.

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Gomez stated that after they spent some time together, she cried when she realized that there was a possibility that she won’t be able to bear children because of the two medications she takes to treat her bipolar disease.

Gomez isn’t giving up on her dream of having children. She continues, “However I’m meant to have them, I will.”

Gomez also discussed her “psychotic break” from 2018 before admitting that she has few recollections of that time. Her condition improved with the help of so many medications that her psychiatrist eventually weaned her off all but two.

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The singer told the publication, “I had to detox, essentially, from the meds I was on.” Some terms I just had to train myself to remember.

While we were talking, “I lost track of time and place.” Selena Gomez discussed starting a family on an episode of “Giving Back Generation” a few months ago.

In August, she remarked, “I aspire to be married and be a mom.” In the same vein, Selena said, “I grew up expecting I would be married at 25,” to Rolling Stone.

That I was so far apart from it all upset me,” she went on. “I felt like everything was ending, and it was so dumb.”

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