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Scorn Release Date; Trailer, Gameplay Details, Pre-order & Everything We Know So Far

Finally, a release date has been set for Scorn, the upcoming first-person survival horror game from Serbian production studio Ebb Software. Even better, it will be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one when it launches. 

The first-person “biopunk” survival horror game looks as atmospheric, unsettling, and brutal as any game where you play as a skinless humanoid lost on a nightmare planet should. It draws inspiration from the works of European painters HR Giger and Zdzislaw Beksiski. 

The Scorn release date is included below, along with information on its plot, pre-orders, and more.

 About This Game

Scorn is a moody first-person horror adventure game that takes place in a nightmare world of strange shapes and gloomy tapestry.

The concept of “being hurled into the world” is important to its design. You will experience a non-linear exploration of various interrelated places while feeling alone and lost in this dreamlike realm. The ominous surroundings themselves are characters.

Every set has a distinct theme (story), puzzles, and people that are essential to building a seamless environment. You will explore new places, pick up various skill sets, weapons, and other objects as you play, and you’ll also try to understand the sights that are being shown to you.

When Is The Scorn Release Date?

At the Xbox Games Showcase in June, the horror survival was given a confirmed release date along with the dates for Gotham Knights and Sonic Frontiers. On Friday, October 21, 2022, scorn will arrive.

After its original reveal in 2016 and a successful Kickstarter campaign, the release date for Scorn has finally been announced after years of speculation. Scorn was supposed to come out in October 2018, but as video games like to push their release dates, we are now in 2019.

Does Scorn Have A Trailer?

The Scorn trailer may be seen below in all of its spooky splendor. The Scorn release date trailer, which features just in-game footage and reveals everything you can anticipate from the game when it launches in late October, is the most recent teaser making the rounds online. The movie’s trailer provides a thorough overview of Scorn. Observe it below:

Scorn Gameplay: What Do We Know So Far?

Players can experience Scorn’s terrifying and brutal horror survival from a first-person vantage point. There will be some aspects of the adventure and first-person shooter genres, as the game’s longer playable demo shows.

Players will be able to investigate unsettling surroundings, work out enigmatic puzzles, and defeat terrifying foes. They will also use weapons to kill the dangerous monsters, which are scary enough to keep a child up for days if they see one.

Although it is somewhat different from them, you shouldn’t compare it to Doom or other games that are comparable. According to the description that is currently available on Steam, it will include a structured succession of maze-like sections.

Playing as a skinless humanoid, your goal will be to avoid being killed by strange and horrifying monsters. The game doesn’t have any available cutscenes. You will need to pay attention at all times because it won’t let you know if you miss any important objects in any region.

What Is The Story Of Scorn?

The Scorn game’s narrative or plot has received the least attention. Because it’s a survival game, there will be a carefully written plot with surprises and riddles that you’ll solve as you play.

Scorn will plunge you into a world that is already populated with strange animals. You’ll have to piece together the plot as you encounter different riddles and characters with varied backstories. You must learn what is happening in this ugly world.

The game’s footage that is currently accessible is quite thrilling. The main character is seen in the teaser linked into a hive mind in an unfamiliar setting. There are personalities and locations that are zealous and contain mysteries.

It will take the developers six to eight hours to finish, according to their comments. This may depend on how you play, since there are many confusing landscapes and stages to get through.

Is Scorn On Xbox Game Pass?

It’s important to keep in mind, before placing your pre-order, that Xbox Game Pass subscribers will already have access to Scorn at no additional cost.

Therefore, rather than purchasing the game outright, you could sign up for Xbox Game Pass, which would allow you to play Scorn as well as a tonne of other titles.

What Platforms And Consoles Support Scorn?

Scorn is only available on Xbox Series X/S consoles. The survival horror game will launch on Game Pass on Day One, as previously mentioned. You may also play Scorn on PC through the Windows Store,, Epic Games Store, and Steam if you don’t have an Xbox.

No one will be able to play Scorn on the PS4, PS5, or Nintendo Switch.

Scorn’s Story And Gameplay Details

In the first-person survival horror game Scorn, you play as a skinless humanoid born into a nightmare world full of evil creatures that are out to harm you. You won’t want to spend a vacation in this rotting wasteland, for sure.

Scorn positions itself as a free-form horror adventure with a variety of settings that each have their own themes, tales, and riddles to solve. Additionally, it’s not a game that will hold your hand. Scorn uses gameplay to convey its story; it’s a dynamic, interactive horror journey where you get to choose where you go and what you do.

Without battles, what would a game be? After all, Scorn is a survival horror game, so there will be many animals and machinery pursuing you. Fortunately, you’ll discover and equip a variety of weapons to defend yourself against anything dangerous. However, be mindful of your limited arsenal and keep in mind that your actions affect the world around you.

Scorn—Will It Debut On Playstation 4 And 5?

No, Sony’s PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 won’t be getting scorn any time soon. According to the developer’s current intentions, the game will only be made accessible on Xbox and Windows PC. Even the Xbox One from the previous generation won’t get it.

That’s bad news for PS gamers because it means they won’t soon be able to play the suspenseful horror survival game. No intentions have been made public by the developers to release the game on other systems.

Can Scorn Be Pre-Ordered?

Scorn is only available for pre-order through digital marketplaces, it seems. This indicates that you can place a pre-order for the game’s console version on the Xbox Store. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like any platform will offer physical copies of the game.

You must pre-purchase the Standard or Deluxe Edition on PC from the Epic Games Store,, and Steam in order to receive the official digital soundtrack and a 192-page digital art book. When you place a preorder on a PC, you will also receive a 10% discount.

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