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The Top Three of Gaming Championships

The world of online casinos is as professional and competitive as it is wide. With titles and challenges for all tastes, and in being more accessible, the scene of card games, roulette and slots events experiences a rise in strategy and in income. In this article we’ll summarize the most important tournaments as rated by the players.

Gaming competitions are so much more than just a hobby nowadays. It’s a high level industry with its own rules, and teams are set up just like in any other form of entertainment. There are more and more gaming houses backing this kind of business at its peak in consumption by sponsoring tournaments, thus becoming daily news worldwide on specialist gaming news websites such as Focus.

The most popular gaming championships

It can be seen that players in the casino love tournament competitions due to their being great fun and the interaction experienced, as well as the call for skill and analysis, and the mouthwatering prizes on offer. If we allow ourselves to be swept away by the most in demand physical and virtual competitions, over the last few years in terms of followers and pay-outs, there are three main ones which stand out. We know them.

1. Poker

Topping the list of universally recognised challenges, Texas Hold ‘em poker has become the most sought after game with international online casinos, with people competing on both paid and free tables.

Playing live and with various players, platforms and television programmes, makes it possible to watch and compete in games direct from your couch, in the world’s most important tournaments, with professional croupiers, 24/7. The World Series of Poker (WSOP), World Championship of Online Poker and The World Poker Tour are three of the most known and well celebrated in the world.

2. Slots

On the other side, slot machines are the favorite pastime of practically all casino goers. Deservedly on the podium, there are currently more than 2500 titles, with hundreds of software versions and with different themes such as zombies, nature, the classics, fairies, neon lights and so much more. They also have special bonuses which attract the general public.

Slot machines are accessible from all devices, with free spins and symbols, and with the potential to win larger prizes.

There are two types: typical slot machines in real casinos and those of modern design with 5 reels and 3 drums. In each tournament, which are scheduled and have entry by registration, the players pay a minimum entry fee which contributes to the total jackpot for the person who gets the most points.

3. Roulette

Among the other table games, the spin of the wheel -the european version in particular- is one of the most popular and acclaimed tournament games in betting houses. With little strategy and high profits on the line, it’s based mostly on intuition and an understanding of the rules.

The adrenalin of the random nature of roulette adds a share of fanaticism to this game, which unfolds live and direct in casinos in real time, 24/7. Strendus is one of the platforms which guarantees fun gaming with challenges such as Hello Summer for the jackpot title.

Others like bingo, baccarat, craps and black jack also stand out.

Casino game tournaments are the perfect alternative for players chasing their dose of emotion, worthwhile prizes and connection in just one click. As we have seen in the top three, there are tournaments for all budgets and tastes. Whichever you decide on, fun is guaranteed. Which will you pick this time?

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