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Rumor: Are She-Hulk And Daredevil Dating? Let’s Explore the Truth!

Finally, in episode 8 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Daredevil (not Matt Murdock) made his formal MCU debut when he faced off against none other than She-Hulk. Naturally, Jen found out who Matt was after defeating him in combat, and that led to them cooperating against a common foe. Naturally, the relationship developed into a heated one as they decided to sleep together because there was obvious chemistry between them. Was there ever a relationship between She-Hulk and Daredevil in the comics? 

The American series, which was made by Jessica Gao for Disney+ and started airing in August, was the character’s first appearance in the MCU, even though Marvel Comics readers probably already knew her.

Tatiana Maslany’s titular Jennifer Walters and other characters who have previously appeared in the MCU have joined Tatiana Maslany’s. But in the penultimate episode of the series, the long-awaited cameo was finally revealed. 

In the film Ribbit and Rip It, Charlie Cox reprises his renowned series character Matt Murdock. But Daredevil’s appearance has made people wonder: Did She-Hulk and Daredevil date in the comics?

Did She-Hulk And Daredevil Date In The Comics?

Popverse says that, contrary to what has happened in Attorney at Law so far, She-Hulk and Daredevil did not date in the comics, and none of their meetings or conversations in Marvel Comics involved hookups.

The first time they encountered each other in print was in House of M #5, as Looper points out. Given that they share the same job, they are leaving a courthouse when Jen claims she owes him a drink. 

But neither what they talked about in Marvel comics before nor what happened during this chat showed that they would start dating or hooking up.

However, they are portrayed as getting along well in the comics and are obviously helpful to one another.

Are Jen And Matt Together In She-Hulk?

Given that Matt Murdock is a lawyer by profession, there were previously hints that Daredevil would make his debut MCU appearance as a superhero and not the character in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Of course, Matt had already appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but only in his normal human form, not as a superhero. Nevertheless, Episode 8 marked Daredevil’s screen debut. Let’s talk more about the circumstances that led to Daredevil’s appearance first, though, before we get there. 

Leap-Frog fights criminals in the opening sequence of the show but gets hurt in the process due to what he claims is a suit malfunction. This brought him to Jen Walters because he wanted to bring a lawsuit against Luke Jacobson, who we all knew was responsible for Jen’s outfits, gowns, and superhero costumes. 

When Luke discovered that Jen would be working against him in this case, which went to trial, he banned her because Jen had lost her first case as a superhuman attorney because Matt Murdock was chosen to represent the superhero suit creator. This happened because Matt’s sharp senses picked up on the fact that Eugene Patilio, a Leapfrog, made his suit out of jet fuel even though the instructions said not to.

After the case, Matt discovered Jen drinking by herself in a bar. They had a terrific conversation in which Jen admitted that she felt a strong connection with the blind lawyer, breaking the fourth wall. Jen also reminded Matt at that time that, as She-Hulk, she could do things that Jen couldn’t in terms of the law. 

But Matt had to leave because of an urgent matter that needed his attention. Jen had to deal with an emergency as well, which happened to be Daredevil attacking Eugene. Jen was contacted by Eugene when she was at home. When the two got into a struggle, She-Hulk had the upper hand and forced Daredevil to admit who he was and why he was there. After Daredevil told Jen and Matt that Eugene had kidnapped Luke to force him to make a new costume for him, Jen and Matt worked together.

Of course, the heroes prevailed, as Daredevil and She-Hulk went to the rooftop to share a private moment there. As they returned to Jen’s flat, where they shared a bed, the chemistry between Jen and Matt was evident.

In conclusion, since they are the only two superheroes who truly work as lawyers for a significant portion of the day, the relationship between the two was sparked by their obvious connection to one another in the series. Does this imply, however, that She-Hulk and Daredevil are now dating? 

We’re not exactly sure what to label She-Hulk and Daredevil’s love relationship at the moment. Given that Matt was only in Los Angeles for the Luke case and that he primarily operates in New York, it is more than plausible that their encounter was a one-time hookup. Jen was aware of this because they had previously discussed their respective legal careers. 

Whether Daredevil will remain in this series through the remainder of the She-Hulk season or if he will simply appear once is unknown. And as a result, we are unsure of how to interpret this amorous interaction between Matt Murdock and Jennifer Walters.

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