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Reign Season 5 Release Date, Renewal Status, Cast & All We Know So Far


Laurie McCarthy and Stephanie SenGupta are the minds behind The CW’s historical romance drama, Reign. The series depicts the life of Mary, Queen of Scots and her rise to prominence in the French court in the late sixteenth century. Mary is played by Adelaide Kane in the series, which also features an impressive cast. The first episode aired on The CW on October 17, 2013, and the final episode aired on June 16, 2017, marking the show’s four-season finale.

Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios, in conjunction with Joyful Girl Productions, Take 5 Productions, and Whizbang Films, produced the series. Kane was cast in the lead role of Mary Stuart in February 2013 for a television series partly based on her life, which the CW ordered a pilot for in February 2013. The bulk of the filming took place in Toronto and Ireland.

There were mixed reviews from critics, who commended the acting and costume design but condemned the show’s historical inaccuracies.

Reign season 5 release date: Was it cancelled?

The CW has officially cancelled the television series Reign. Season 4 of Reign will be the final season of the show. The CW has not announced any intentions for the upcoming season, but we can never be certain. As of March 2022, there is no plan or scheduling for season five of the show.

Reign season About & Plot :

The first season opens in 1557 with Mary residing in a convent in France, but she is shortly restored to the castle, where we find that she has been engaged to Prince Francis since they were six years old, and that they are planning their wedding. Mary must deal with shifting political landscapes and power struggles, as well as her growing love for Francis and the romantic advances of Francis’ illegitimate half-brother, Bash, among other challenges. Following Nostradamus’ clandestine prediction that the marriage will result in Francis’ death, Francis’ mother, Catherine de’ Medici, works behind the scenes to prevent the marriage from taking place. As well as following Mary’s affairs, the series also follows the adventures of her Scottish handmaidens Kenna, Aylee, Lola, and Greer (based on “the Four Marys”), who are looking for spouses of their own at the French Court.

It begins after the death of King Henry II and follows the ascension of Francis and Mary to the positions of King and Queen of France and Queen of Scotland, respectively. As a couple, they must manage the demands of their royal responsibilities while also dealing with the growing religious conflict between Catholics and Protestants as well as the aspirations of the rival House of Bourbon for the French crown, which they must do in unison.

The third season depicts King Francis’ deteriorating health and eventual death midway through the season, leaving Queen Mary a widow and struggling to make her way in the world now that she is no longer linked to France as the country’s monarch. King Charles, Francis’ younger brother, is crowned the new under-aged monarch, with Queen Catherine serving as regent. A new character, Queen Elizabeth of England, is introduced in the third season. She conspires against Mary, tries to keep her marriage chances off the table, and deals with her secret love affair with Robert Dudley.

In the fourth and final season, Queen Mary returns to Scotland, where she attempts to reclaim her throne and retake control of the country. Both her allies and opponents must be managed at the same time, including her bastard elder half-brother James and the outspoken Lord Bothwell. She must also manage her allies and adversaries, including the Protestant preacher John Knox. In the aftermath of Mary’s marriage to Lord Darnley, an English Catholic contender to the English throne, tensions between Queen Mary and her own cousin Queen Elizabeth I escalate. Mary aims to seize control of England by marrying Darnley. In France, Catherine is tasked with protecting her son, King Charles IX, from the desires of her daughter, Queen Leeza of Spain, and her younger son, Henry, who both want to become king.

Reign Season Cast

  • Henry II of France will be played by Alan Van Sprang.
  • Sebastian de Portaires is Torrance Coombs.
  • Stephane Narcisse has been cast in the role of Craig Parker.
  • Lady Aylee is Jenessa Grant.
  • Lady Kenna will be played by Caitlin Stasey.
  • Lady Lola was Anna Popplewell.
  • As Lady Greer, Celina Sinden will take on the role.
  • As Louis, Sean Teale
  • Francis II of France will be played by Toby Regbo.
  • As Claude of France, Rose Williams is Rose.

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