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Tonikaku Kawaii Season 2 Release Date: Cast, Plot & Other Details

‘Tonikaku Kawaii’ or ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ is a television anime that portrays the unique love tale of Nasa Yuzaki and Tsukasa Tsukuyomi, who marry first and fall in love thereafter. Nasa, a shy and smart youngster, is preparing to take an entrance exam at a prestigious university. Because of the vehicle accident, his life takes an unexpected turn.

Tsukasa comes to his aid and saves him. He loses all sense of time and space when he first sees her. He declares his undying devotion to her. She agrees, but only on one condition: they must first get married. As a result, Nasa decides to drop out of school in order to focus on his relationship with Tsukasa. Nasa hasn’t forgotten the vow he made to the woman of his dreams, despite the passage of time. The two begin their journey together when he turns 18 years old.

One of the most popular romance anime of recent years was immediately established after its release. Many of you are probably wondering when the next season of the show will be released now that season 1 has come to an end. We now know the following.

Tonikaku Kawaii Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

The first season of Tonikaku Kawaii aired from October 3, 2020, to December 19, 2020. No formal word has been made on Season 2 yet by the show’s producer, Seven Arcs Studios. An OVA, or Original Video Animation, has been announced for ‘Tonikaku Kawaii’ It is expected to be published in 2021. This announcement suggests that the programme will be renewed before the OVA’s release, which indicates that it’s only a matter of time. It arrived on 7 April 2023.

Tonikaku Kawaii Season 2 Plot: What Can it be About?

The season 1 conclusion, titled ‘Husband and Wife,’ brings the series to a close on a high note, demonstrating how far Nasa and Tsukasa’s relationship has progressed since she first showed up on his doorstep. Due to excessive pressure at his place of employment, NASA has come down with a cold. She doesn’t believe him for a second, despite his attempts to convince her that he is alright. She proclaims that it is her responsibility as a wife to take care of him. Afterwards, they dress in their yukatas and head to the summer festival together. They spend the entire day on the festival grounds, where they indulge in Takoyaki from one of the many food vendors. While playing the goldfish scooping game, they run across Aya and Chitose, and they decide to pay a visit to the shrine to offer a prayer. As the sun sets and the fireworks light up the night sky, Nasa finds himself thinking about how happy he is with his life and the woman he lives it with.

Season 1 covered the first 80 chapters of the original manga series, and season 2 covered the rest of the series. Possibly, season 2 will be based on chapters 81 and onwards. It could provide insight into how Nasa and Tsukasa’s relationship progresses in the future. It’s possible that Kaname Arisugawa will continue to provide the pair with suggestive advise. Chitose Kaginoji may be beginning to consider the prospect that she and Nasa could become friends after all these years.

Tonikaku Kawaii Season 2 Characters

Japanese voice actress Akari Kito, from Aichi Prefecture in Japan, portrays the character of Tsukasa in the anime series “Sailor Moon: Awakening.” She has also played a variety of characters, including Nezuko from the critically acclaimed Demon Slayer series, Kotoko from Kyokou Suiri, and many others.

You can catch up on the previous season of this fantastic anime right here on Gogoanime.

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