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What Happened To Ben In The Deep House? Ending Explained


In “The Deep House,” a scary mystery, a young couple goes to the bottom of a lake and finds a creepy house there. Ben and Tina decide to check out the underwater structure so they can get some scary footage for their online audience.

But when the young couple finds what looks like a ritualised crime scene inside the house, they realise it’s more than they bargained for. When that happens, it’s too late, and the slow buildup turns into a weird and strange ending. If the fast-paced ending left you with some questions, we’re here to answer them. Let’s look at the end of “The Deep House” again. Spoilers Ahead

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The Deep House Plot Synopsis

In the beginning of the movie, Ben and Tina go to Ukraine to check out a house that is said to be haunted. Ben is good at finding unexplored, creepy places to film and then putting videos of them on the internet. In order to get more people to follow them online, the two plan to visit a sunken village in France.

The next part of the story takes place three months later, on the day of the planned trip. Tina struggles to hold her breath for more than a minute and a half in the bathtub right before she leaves. Ben asks, but she says with confidence that she can hold it for three minutes.

When the couple gets to the lake, they are disappointed to find that it is a tourist trap. Ben is always making friends with strangers. He meets a man named Pierre who says he will take them to a part of the lake that hasn’t been explored yet.

On the way there, Pierre tells me that the lake was made when an old village was flooded. When they get there, Ben and Tina jump into a part of the lake that seems to be empty and, as Pierre said, they find a perfectly preserved house.

The young couple finds all the doors and windows locked except for one at the top of the submerged house. They go in and are surrounded by scary old things. Tina starts to worry when she sees posters of missing children and pictures of kids stuck on spikes, but Ben keeps going because he wants to get even more disturbing footage.

Ben finally agrees to leave when he finds two bodies hanging from chains in the basement. But when the scared couple gets back to the window they came in through, they are shocked to find it blocked by a brick wall.

Ending Explain Of The Deep House

Tina starts to panic because she seems to be trapped inside the house and is running out of oxygen. Ben tries to calm her down. No matter how hard they try, none of the windows on the lower floors will open. They go back to the room with the two bodies because they think there might be a way out through the basement.

They are shocked to see that the bodies have come to life. Ben and Tina try to climb out of the chimney to get away from them, but a bunch of small rocks come down and knock them out.

When they finally wake up, Tina finds Ben in a strange trance in one of the bedrooms. He takes her to a room where, for some reason, the lights turn on and an old projector starts up. The movie shows how the people who lived in the house tortured children and then were killed by angry villagers.

Tina is scared and out of air, so she tries to pull Ben away from the scene. But the ghost of a young girl stabs him. The scared diver then tries to get out of the house through a well, and when that doesn’t work, she digs her way out of the house. But just before she breaks the surface of the water, Tina runs out of oxygen and stops moving.

So, the movie ends on a scary note, with both main characters almost certainly dead. Ben seems to be controlled by one of the ghosts when he is away from Tina, so he drags her deeper into the house even though they are running out of oxygen.

When Tina stabs him out of fear, he comes back to himself for a short time. But a short time later, the spirit of the young girl stabs him. Ben would die from lack of oxygen even if he survived the knife wound.

Tina has a better chance of living, and she is even able to get out of the house. She has to give up her oxygen tank, though, so she has to hold her breath while she digs her way out. Since the house is about 30 metres below the surface, Tina is almost unconscious from lack of air by the time she sees light from the surface. For a few seconds, her desperate kicking seemed like it might help her get to the surface.

Tina stops moving while she is still underwater, so it is likely that she dies as well. Even if she comes to the surface, she is a long way from civilization and cannot count on help from Pierre, who is a liar. Since Pierre sent Ben and Tina to the house on purpose, he might even be waiting for her on the shore to finish the job if she makes it.

Ending Explained of the Deep House
Ending Explained of the Deep House

Why Is The House Underwater?

On the way to the house, Pierre tells them that fifty years ago, their valley was hit by a huge flood. So that something like this doesn’t happen again, it was decided to leave one of the villages and flood it on purpose. So, Frais Lake came to be. One of the houses in this village that is now underwater is the one that Ben and Tina look at.

Before the water came in, the house looked like Pierre lived there with his family. Before the village was flooded, the house was locked up because it was used to hold children hostage and beat them very badly. Mister and Madam Montégnac, the owners of the house, were left behind and chained to the cellar. It seems like they still haunt the house.

What Did Ben Do In “The Deep House”?

Sarah kills Ben with a knife before they can get away together. The Montégnacs then turn on Tina, but she gets away by climbing up the shaft, which leads back to the lake. But just below the surface of the water, her lungs run out of air, and she drowns.

What Purpose Did The Deep House Serve?

Deep below the surface of a lake that looks quiet and far away, there is a perfectly kept family home. When a young social media influencer couple goes to the submerged house to find new things to share with their followers, their dive turns into a nightmare when they find a scary presence.

Was Deep House Filmed Underwater?

Almost all of THE DEEP HOUSE was shot underwater. Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, who are the directors of The Deep House, have done something really great. Almost all of the movie was filmed underwater. It will be shown in French theatres the week after next.

Is The Story In The Deep House True?

It’s a true story because Julien and I came up with the idea for “The Deep House” on a Monday. The next day, we called our producer, Clement Miserez. We already knew him, so we just said, “Clement, we have a crazy idea.

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