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Rachel Recchia Discloses Her Side of Tino Franco’s Cheating Story

On Season 19 of “The Bachelorette,” Bachelor Nation viewers witnessed Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco fall in love and get engaged.
But in the night’s climax, we also witnessed Tino admit to lying to Rachel, which ultimately caused their breakup.

Rachel went on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast recently to elaborate on her side of the story after breaking off her engagement to Tino.

In her opening statement, Rachel said, “Gabby, my family, and my friends know that there was never a period where we were broken up. He has his own story, and he has the right to convey it. Our engagement was never terminated at any stage.

Michelle Young, the co-host, added, “Talking about going back to dating when things are challenging in a relationship is not a bad thing. My parents frequently discuss picking up dating again. The person you spend your life with is someone you never stop dating.

Becca Kufrin, who serves as her co-host, concurred and continued, “It’s so normal to want to do that in this case, too. Everything moves so quickly. Even when you leave engaged and wearing a ring, you still need to spend some time getting to know one another in order to determine how well your lives will complement one another. Anyone leaving the show is aware that occasionally you return to the boyfriend/girlfriend era.

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Even if they are already engaged, most couples who leave the program are aware that they must resume dating and getting to know one another, according to Rachel.

It’s not different, but I can only try to grasp his perspective, so I’m going to presume that’s where the confusion came from. We were having trouble. There isn’t, in my opinion, a defence. I’m not making an excuse, but I never stated that I would return the ring. I never said our engagement had been cancelled. He was merely upset about our unfortunate situation.

Check out the complete episode of “Bachelor Happy Hour” below to hear more of Rachel’s talk.

“Instead of waiting there and working like I did, he ran directly to someone that he was sort of seeing before the show,” Rachel continued. The location of the The struggle takes place there. He hid that from me for weeks as well. I learned about this around “Men Tell All,” which was around the time of the debut. He spent that much time explaining this stuff and then sat in front of me and told me I had to complete all of this work.

Rachel Shared That Tino’s Account Of The Incident Changed Every Time She And Him Discussed It.

Every time he narrated his narrative, something would change or a certain aspect would be altered. Where is the story’s connection if the first kiss happened at a party and the second occurred in an Uber to her house where his car was parked? You can’t get your story straight while you’re lying. which is why he was getting up multiple times to try to figure it out, but then would come back and put it on me,” the former Bachelorette explained.

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The former Bachelorette also explained why this incident ended her romance with Tino for her.

All I’ve sought for in a companion, said Rachel, is communication. Because of my line of work, I occasionally travel for five days. What will you do in the event that we argue and I leave? Within the first month of our relationship, he has already shown that he is incapable of remaining loyal to me when things go tough. There is no defense for that and no other way to look at it.


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